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Al-Tai FC Players Salaries, Weekly Wages, Clubs Wage Bill

Al-Tai FC

Al-Tai FC is a professional football club from Saudi Pro League. Krešimir Režić currently holds a manager’s job at Al-Tai FC. The team was founded back in the year 1961. All home matches of Al-Tai are played at Prince Abdul Aziz bin Musa’ed Stadium where the seating capacity is more than 12k people at one time. Krešimir Režić made big changes to the squad of Al-Tai FC. Al-Tai player’s salaries and contract details reported.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagePositionsContract Years
Victor Braga£450k£9.3kGK2024
Moataz Al-Baqaawi£100k£2kGK2024
Mohammed Marzouq (new signing)£100k£2kDEF2024
Enzo Roco (new signing)£700k£14.5kDEF2025
Robert Bauer (new signing)£450k£9.3kDEF2025
Abdulkarim Sultan£250k£5.2kDEF2024
Abdulmohsin Fallatah£100k£2kDEF2024
Hussain Qasim£250k£5.2kDEF2024
Tareq Abdullah (new signing)£150k£3.1kDEF2025
Nawaf Al-Qamiri£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Abdulaziz Majrashi£100k£2kDEF2024
Salem Abdullah Al-Toiawy£150k£3.1kMID2024
Alfa Semedo£750k£16kMID2024
Ibrahim Al-Nakhli (new signing)£250k£5.2kMID2025
Abdulaziz Al-Harabi£200k£4kMID2024
Jamal Bajandooh£200k£4kMID2024
Bernard Mensah (new signing)£500k£10kMID2025
Mohammed Al-Qunaian£200k£4kMID2024
Virgil Misidjan (new signing)£850k£17.7kLW2025
Rakan Al-Shamlan (new signing)£100k£2kRW2025
Abdulfattah Asiri (new signing)£100k£2kRW2025
Abdulrahman Al-Harthi (new signing)£100k£2kRW2025
Hazaa Al-Hazaa£100k£2kFW2024
Adeeb Al-Haizan (new signing)£100k£2kFW2024
  • The club wage bill based on players’ salaries is more than £6m for years 2023-24.
  • There will be more players in the squad of the Al-Tai squad in winter transfer. Which will increase the club wage bill to £7.5m.
  • Virgil Misidjan and Alfa Semedo highest paid players in the squad of Al-Tai for the year 2023-24.

Victor Braga, Enzo Roco, Robert Bauer, Alfa Semedo, Virgil Misidjan, and Bernard Mensah top paid players in the squad. These players hold contracts worth more than £300k+ a season. The club made ten transfers during the year 2023. There will be more players looking forward to joining the Saudi Pro League. After Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo extended their stay in the league.

There will be more details regarding Al-Tai player’s salaries, weekly wages, and contracts once the new playersare added to the squad or signed loan deals from Europe, Asia, America, and African leagues.