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All Inter Miami tickets, both home and away, sold out after Messi signing

Inter Miami

The Argentine has joined MLS, and supporters across the country have reacted positively: Inter Miami games are sold out statewide.

Fans of football in the United States have reacted enthusiastically to the news of Messi’s impending debut in Major League Soccer. The frenzy caused by the move has not been seen in years, and his departure from PSG is poised to bring in a new age of interest in the sport, which is still expanding in the United States.

Only about 24 hours after the announcement of the World Cup winner’s deal with the club owned by the last great MLS sensation, David Beckham, ticketing companies confirmed that tickets for all remaining Inter Miami games this season, both home and away, are now sold out. The game versus Cruz Azul sold out in minutes, and the rest of the MLS has since followed suit.

Sergio Agüero is unable to locate a flight to Miami

All Inter Miami tickets are sold out as of August 20, 2023, with the first game being against Charlotte FC. Given that Messi’s first appearance is expected at the end of July, the club has 12 games in which the Argentine might appear before the end of the year. Even Messi’s close buddy Sergio Agüero stated that he approached the ex-Barça player for a ticket but was unable to find any that weren’t sold out. The Inter Miami Instagram feed now has more followers (6.1 million) than the Dallas Cowboys (4.5 million).

How much do Inter Miami tickets cost?

According to media publications in the United States, ticket costs have also skyrocketed, with tickets ranging from $300 to a stunning $3,500, depending on the game and seat within the numerous stadiums across the country that the World Champion may visit. According to several sources, ticket prices soared from about $30 to over $300 when the change was announced.

When will Messi make his Inter-Miami debut?

It should be noted that Messi’s debut date has not been finalized, but that hasn’t prevented fans from going crazy and spending upwards of $3,000 to see him play. It will be intriguing to watch how he fits into the team.

Messimania is real in Miami, and it has already spread throughout the United States. MLS currently stands for Major League Soccer, but how long before the M stands for Messi?