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Amanda Serrano Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | Sponsorship Money | PPV Bonuses

Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano

Country: Puerto Rico
Purse Per Fight; $300k
Boxing Promotion: Most Valuable Promotions
Division: Featherweight

Amanda Serrano is a professional female boxer from Puerto Rico. She currently holds a contract deal with Boxing Most Valuable Promotions. In the upcoming weekend, Amanda Serrano will be back in action in the co-main event of Jake Paul vs Diaz pay-per-view. Her upcoming fight opponent revealed, as per details she will be head to head with Heather Hardy. Amanda Serrano’s career earnings, purse payouts, and pay-per-view bonuses were reported.

OpponentsPursesPPV ShareTotal PayoutsYear
Jennifer Scott$25kN/A$25k2011
Diana Garcia$25kN/A$25k2011
Kimberly Connor$25kN/A$25k2011
Frida Wallberg$25kN/A$25k2012
Lina Tejada$30kN/A$30k2012
Wanda Pena Ozuna$30kN/A$30k2013
Maria Elena Maderna$30kN/A$30k2014
Olivia Gerula$30kN/A$30k2016
Calixta Silgado$30kN/A$30k2016
Alexandra Lazar$30kN/A$30k2016
Yazmín Rivas$30kN/A$30k2017
Dahiana Santana$50kN/A$50k2017
Edina Kiss$50kN/A$50k2017
Yamila Esther Reynoso$50kN/A$50k2018
Eva Voraberger$50kN/A$50k2019
Heather Hardy$50kN/A$50k2019
Daniela Romina Bermúdez$75kN/A$75k2021
Yamileth Mercado$75kN/A$75k2021
Miriam Gutiérrez$100kN/A$100k2021
Katie Taylor$300k40%$600k (reported)2022
Sarah Mahfoud$150kN/A$150k2022
Erika Cruz$350kN/A$350k2023
Heather Hardy$300kN/A$300k2023

Amanda Serrano’s career-best payday was reported against (Katie Taylor) as per reports, Serrano earned a guaranteed purse of $300k for boxing and her earnings increased maximum of $600k which include 40% pay-per-view money. In 2023, Serrano returns to the boxing ring, and her fight will feature Heather Hardy on Diaz vs Paul ppv card. Serrano will earn a guaranteed purse of $300k for the fight against Heather Hardy. Further details regarding Amanda Serrano’s career earnings based on boxing fight purses reported later.