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At a recent show, a well-known producer said that WWE stole his idea


On the most recent episode of NXT, WWE brought back its Underground part, which had been taken off the show. A well-known producer, on the other hand, was upset that the company was showing what he called “fake Bloodsport.”

In 2020, the company started WEW Underground with Shane McMahon as its host and booker. The part was soon taken out of the show, but fans have seen it come back from time to time.

The company brought back the segment for a match between Eddy Thorpe and Damon Kemp on the most recent show of NXT. But when Gable Steveson hit everyone with suplexes, that was the best part of the episode.

Josh Barnett went on Twitter after the show to say that the company had copied one of his segments. He also said that no amount of money or staging could beat his version, which was called “Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport.”

“Oh look, fake Bloodsport is back. Thank you for showing the world that this kind of thing has legs (we knew that already) and that even with 10x the money and production there is still only one Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport.”

Barnett is a well-known MMA fighter, wrestler, commentator, and organizer, in case you didn’t know. He has been in some of the biggest wrestling shows, like TNA (Impact Wrestling) and NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling).

Game Changer Wrestling’s first Bloodsport event of 2019 was hosted by Josh Barnett. After that, Bloodsport became a popular segment in the company. One of the big stars who has been in Bloodsport matches is Jon Moxley

WWE is teasing a huge match between brothers for an upcoming show

Many people know that Damon Kemp used to be in Diamond Mine before he started fighting against The Creed Brothers. Fans also know about Gable Steveson’s success in the Olympics and how he is seen as a top future star for the company.

A lot of WWE fans don’t know that Kemp and Steveson are brothers. WWE has never said that the two guys who work on NXT are brothers, even though they have been there for a while. As they are starting to compete with each other, things could soon change on the screen.

Later this month, at the NXT Great American Bash, Steveson could make his ring debut against his older brother. It would be great to see the Omplyian fight his brother again to make a name for himself in WWE.