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BKFC 48 Fighters Salaries | Dodson vs Ridge Purse Payouts

BKFC 48 Fighters Salaries

The upcoming pay-per-view of Bareknuckle Fight Championship is announced and the main event will feature John Dodson and JR Ridge. The co-main event will be held between opponent Bryce Hall and Gee Perez. BKFC 48 salaries purse payouts of the fighters based on Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship contracts reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusTotal Payouts
John Dodson$250k
JR Ridge$200k
Bryce Hall$150k
Gee Perez$100k
Keith Richardson$75k
Derek Perez$20k
Will Santiago$30k
Jeremie Holloway$30k
Marc Entenberg$12k
Darrick Gates$38k

The two fighters who will be in the main event will earn a share of $450k from the total purse. As per reports, John Dodson current champion of the BKFC division will earn a guaranteed purse of $250k no-win bonus. JR Ridge who is a challenger for the title will earn a guaranteed purse of $200k for the fight a win bonus included.

Once the main-event fight is completed between Dodson and Ridge on 11 August 2023, more details which include bonus details included in BKFC 48 salaries purse.