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Can I practice basketball alone?

Can I practice basketball alone

When most people think of basketball, they’ll often picture two teams playing on a court, surrounded by a cheering audience. But is it possible to play basketball by yourself, and is it an acceptable way to practice your basketball skills? Below, we will go over whether it is okay to shoot basketball hoops alone, and cover when and why you might want to do so.

Can You Play Basketball By Yourself?

Basketball is a team sport, and most professional or casual players interact with a lot of people over a regular day. With that said, there are times that any player might want a little alone time to practice their technique, get some exercise, or simply relax their mind a bit. In these situations, any fan or player of basketball might think to shoot some hoops by themselves, especially when they live near a basketball court.

However, to some, this idea could seem a little daunting. It can be easy to imagine that someone might think a person is weird or lonely if they saw them shooting basketball hoops by themselves. That said, contrary to what some might worry, it is acceptable to shoot basketball hoops alone, and many people do it, even pros. It can be a nice way to relax after a long day, a fun way to stay fit, and an easy way to improve one’s basketball skills without needing help from a coach or another player.


There are many advantages to shooting hoops by yourself. Fitness is one of the most prominent benefits that one can obtain with solo basketball play. By adding in a bit of jogging between each throw, shooting hoops can turn into a very solid cardio workout. It might not be as effective an exercise as playing a full game of basketball would be, but as long as a little running is being done during the process, shooting hoops can be turned into a fun and easy way to burn a few calories and exercise the body.

Another benefit of shooting hoops alone is an improvement in playing technique. Basketball players across the world have a wide regimen of training drills that they practice when they’re not engaged in a game, and most of these are done solo. These drills exercise different parts of a player’s technique to ensure that they’re keeping their skills fresh while off the court. Many of these drills are available online and can be added into a solo play session for a little extra challenge.


Though it is okay and socially acceptable to shoot hoops alone, it still could be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. If playing at an outdoor court, especially late at night, make sure somebody knows where you are, and don’t stay on the court for too long if it gets dark.

Remain aware of your surroundings and ensure you’re staying safe while playing. Indoor courts are usually safer at night, given that they’re monitored and well-lit. However, these warnings could apply to any late-night or solo outdoor activity and definitely shouldn’t scare you off from enjoying basketball in your spare time.