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Chelsea reach verbal agreement with Al Ahli to sell Edouard Mendy

Edouard Mendy

Chelsea Football Club has reportedly achieved a full verbal deal with Saudi Arabian club Al Ahli to trade its promising goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy. The announcement shocked the football world since Mendy’s efforts for Chelsea had given him a reputation as one of the game’s best shot-stoppers.

Mendy has already agreed to personal terms with Al Ahli on a lucrative three-year contract, according to sources close to the negotiations. The agreement is subject to the completion of contract specifics, which are presently being reviewed by both parties. If all goes as expected, the contracts will be signed, completing the Senegalese goalkeeper’s transfer to Al Ahli.

Mendy’s time at Chelsea has been spectacular, with the 31-year-old goalkeeper playing a key role in the team’s recent success. Mendy has been a consistent presence between the posts for Chelsea since signing from Rennes in 2020, helping the club win the Champions League and finish in the top four of the Premier League.

Many Chelsea fans were perplexed by the decision to sell Mendy, whose performances had endeared him to the Stamford Bridge faithful. However, it appears that the club’s management has taken a deliberate choice to unload the excellent goalie, possibly for financial reasons or to pursue other options.

While Mendy’s departure would surely leave a vacuum in Chelsea’s roster, it also provides an opportunity for the club to investigate alternative goalkeeping alternatives and create an opportunity for younger players to come up. The transfer is likely to generate significant revenue for the London-based club, which might be reinvested in the team’s other departments.

While the contracts are being evaluated, fans and football aficionados alike are eagerly awaiting the formal news of Mendy’s exit from Chelsea and subsequent transfer to Al Ahli. The probable transfer will be eagerly watched by the football world since it marks a key chapter in Mendy’s career.

Only time will tell whether Chelsea’s choice to sell Mendy was a wise one or a costly one. Regardless, the Senegalese goalkeeper’s tenure at Chelsea will be remembered as a period of great achievement and significant contributions to the team’s triumph.