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Contender Series 2023 Week 3 Fighters Salaries | Reese vs Aronov Purse Payouts

Contender Series 2023 Week 3 Fighters

Contender Series 2023, week 3 fights announced. Where main event will take place between Eli Aronov and Zachary Reese. The co-main event features a fight between Oban Elliott and Kaik Brito. Winners of the the Contender Series 2023, fights will later awarded with 4 fights to 6 fights contracts. Contender Series 2023 Week 3 salaries based on promotions reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusesTotal Payouts
Zachary Reese$10k
Eli Aronov$10k
Kaik Brito$8k
Oban Elliott$8k
Josefine Knutsson$8k
Isis Verbeek$8k
Luis Pajuelo$8k
Robbie Ring$8k
Luciano Pereira$8k
Felipe dos Santos$8k

The highest-paid fighters at Contender Series 2023 in week 3 will be Zachary Reese and Eli Aronov based on the guaranteed purse, as per reports winner will earn a maximum of $10k and an overall earnings hike of $20k. Fighters who win their bout will later awarded with UFC contract in the future for four fights. Further details which include win bonus updated to Contender Series 2023 Week 3 salaries later.