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Donovan Mitchell, Grant Williams trade shots over Twitter

Donovan Mitchell

On Thursday, Donovan Mitchell and Grant Williams swapped tweets.

Mitchell posted a couple photographs of himself working out. One of the photographs showed him doing a bench press while wearing a chest pad.

Williams spotted the post and left a remark.

“Chestpad, dude…”How old are we?” Williams sarcastically inquired.

Mitchell then responded with a shrugging emoji and an earlier this year screenshot. The incident occurred at the conclusion of a March 6 game between Mitchell’s Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.

With 0.8 seconds left in the game, Williams, who was with the Celtics at the time, confidently told Mitchell that he would make two free throws. Instead, Williams, who was playing for the Celtics at the time, missed both free throw tries, and the Cavs won 118-114 in overtime.

Williams has joined the Mavericks, therefore their rivalry will be less intense now that they are in different conferences. Mitchell did a nice job of getting the last word, though.