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Dutch Mantel: Nobody Wants to See Goldberg vs. Ryback

Goldberg vs. Ryback

Dutch Mantel has returned with another podcast in which he discusses some of the most recent wrestling news topics.

Ryback’s attempt to get a match with Goldberg:

“I don’t think [Ryback] has been in the business long enough to claim dementia. I mean,” I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t think it could fill up a 2000 seat hall and if you put it on pay-per-view, you couldn’t charge but $10 for it or $9 and I don’t think they would get that many buys then. Nobody wants to see Goldberg and Ryback.”

Dutch Mantel’s viewpoint on Ricochet:

“Ricochet, a tremendous athlete. I really like to watch his moves, but after seeing him four weeks in a row, what else is he going to break out because he has no personality at all. They can’t cut it out of him. They’ve tried. He’s just cut and dried in his interviews and he’s not exciting.”

Dutch Mantel on Karen Angle slamming a guitar over Aubrey Edwards’ head:

“My suggestion was, I think I may have said, ‘Jeff, you need to bust the guitar over her head’ Then he said, ‘What if Karen breaks the guitar over her head.’ I said, ‘That’s even better.’ Now it’s a personal war and they will build that whole match around Karen and Aubrey getting in the ring, and when it does, we’ll see what happens. They don’t need to teach Aubrey that much because Karen, she’s not a wrestler. She can’t teach her that much anyway, but they will work to that point and then they will do the finish. I think the babyfaces will go over. I think Aubrey will probably beat Karen and then they will hold her down while Karen beats the crap out of her, but it should be good.”

You can listen watch/listen to the entire show below.