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Eddie Edwards On Alex Shelley Becoming IMPACT World Champion

Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards is ecstatic that Alex Shelley has finally won the IMPACT World Championship.

Eddie Edwards of IMPACT Wrestling was a recent guest on Tru Heels BTR with SP3 to discuss a wide range of topics. When asked about Alex Shelley’s recent IMPACT World Championship victory, Edwards stated that Shelley’s victory at this stage of his career is well earned.

“You know, it makes things seem like all is right in the world type thing,” Eddie Edwards said. “Where a guy can start, you can see somebody’s journey from start to getting that world title, and we’ve all been there whether it’s in wrestling, whether it’s in life, whether it’s a job that you have, we’ve all started somewhere, and people always want more.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, it doesn’t come to fruition, but with Shelley, he put in the work. Everybody has seen the work that he’s put in. The way he’s elevated his game, the way he’s in insane shape, the way he thinks, the way that he helps out the locker room. He helps out the young guys, which I see each and every time I’m there.

“He’s in the ring training guys and girls and showing them things in that ring because he loves professional wrestling, and he loves IMPACT Wrestling; so to see him finally achieve that goal, I love it. Whether it’s an underdog story or not, I love to see people get what they deserve, and that is what Alex Shelley deserves.”