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eLabharthi Payment Status: Check Online

eLabharthi Payment Status

eLabharthi portal was launched by the Bihar Government to provide monetary benefits to widows, old individuals, and people. Eligible people can check eLabharthi Payment Status using the eLabharthi portal, which is accessible at

eLabharthi Payment Status

The initiative of the eLabharthi portal was taken by Bihar to distribute social welfare payments and subsidies to the state’s recipients. Transparency, effectiveness, and direct benefit sharing are the portal’s key goals. The intention behind this was to lessen corruption and make sure the proper benefits were given to the intended beneficiaries.

To make it easier for citizens to apply for and receive government-funded programs, the eLabharthi Bihar portal was developed. Scholarships for students, pensions for the elderly and the disabled, assistance for farmers, and housing subsidies all fall under this category.

Services available on the eLabharthi Pension Portal

The following are a few of the services that are available on the eLabharthi Bihar portal and can be tracked at any time and from any location. Review Beneficiary Payment Reports to see the list, status, and history of payments which is available for all pensioners.

Status eLabharthi Payment Status
Launched byGovt of Bihar
PurposeMonetary benefits

They can see the eLabharthi PMFS report. Candidates can complete their KYC using the eLabharthi Bihar online platform. The applicant’s status and verification are both trackable. Verify your eligibility to use eLabharthi programs. Individuals can access portable programs and other relevant data visualizations.

Steps to Check the eLabharthi Payment Status 2023

Through the eLabharthi platform, residents of the Bihar state may quickly check the beneficiary or payment status. The ways to verify the eLabharthi Beneficiary/Payment status are as follows.

  • The applicant should go to, which is the website of eLabharthi.
  • Click the “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)” link to access the eLabharthi Bihar website.
  • Enter the login credentials and other required information on the eLabharthi portal and submit them on the screen.

Steps to check Beneficiary Status List on eLabharthi

  • Visit the eLabharthi website at
  • Select “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)” from the list of links.
  • The home screen will now appear; choose the “Payment Report” tab and then “Beneficiary Status List” from the menu that appears.
  • You must choose “District”, “Block”, “PanChayat”, and “Scheme Name” from the drop-down list on the Beneficiary List with Status page that will open.
  • Click the “Search” button once you’ve chosen every option.
  • The screen will thereafter show the Beneficiary Status List.
  • This makes it simple for users to see the list of their beneficiaries on the eLabharathi Bihar portal.

How to Download the eLabharthi App?

  • Go to eLabharthi Bihar’s official website.
  • “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)” should be selected as the link.
  • The home page will be reached after the redirect. Go back to the navigation bar and select the “Download” tab.
  • You may now see the “Mobile App” option here. click there.
  • Your system will then download the APK file.

Steps to access CSC on eLabharthi

Those who want to log on to CSC can follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Process for Logging Into CSC On eLabharthi Bihar Portal
  • Navigate to the eLabharathi Bihar website.
  • Click the “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)” link to access the eLabharthi Bihar website.
  • Click the “CSC Login” link at the bottom of the main page on the left side.
  • The ‘Log in with Digital Seva Connect’ link will show on the next screen; click on it.
  • The digital seva connect login page will then display; here, input your “Username or Email”, “Password”, and “Captcha Code” before selecting “Sign In”.

eLabharthi Bihar Portal Helpline

  • Logging Into The Help Desk On The eLabharthi Bihar Portal
  • Go to eLabharthi Bihar’s official website.
  • Click the “e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login)” link to access the eLabharthi Bihar website.
  • Tap “Login” and select “Helpdesk Login” from the menu on the left side of the homepage.
  • When the login screen appears, put your “User ID,” “Password,” and “Verification Code”.