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Eric Young Returns To IMPACT Wrestling At Slammiversary

Eric Young Returns To IMPACT Wrestling At Slammiversary

Eric Young has risen from the dead.

Young was revealed as Scott D’Amore’s mystery partner for his tag team match against Bully Ray and Cody Deaner at Slammiversary. The contest included several surprises, including the presence of former Team Canada player A1.

Young won the bout for his team by pinfalling Deaner after hitting him with an elbow drop.

Eric Young was free to return to IMPACT Wrestling after being released from WWE in April. According to Fightful (via Fightful Select), Young requested and was granted his release after Vince McMahon returned as part of the contract with Endeavor.

According to WWE sources, Eric Young did not want to work with Vince McMahon and begged to be dismissed once it was clear that McMahon was back in an official position. According to those reports, Young cited “moral, creative, and personal reasons” for refusing to work with McMahon.

Since Thursday, when D’Amore teased bringing someone “back from the dead” to help him, Eric Young has been rumored as the mystery companion. That clue was most likely a reference to Young, who was killed off by Cody Deaner and The Design in December 2022.


Full match results are available on our live coverage page:

Scott D’Amore and Eric Young vs. Bully Ray and Deaner

Eric Young and Deaner start the bout, but Deaner tags out to Bully. They fight momentarily until Scott receives the tag. Bully tags out as Scott hypes up the crowd. Deaner rakes his fingers across Scott’s eyes. D’Amore does a leaping leg lariat. EY and Scott combined for a neck breaker on Deaner. Deaner rehydrates and elbows Scott. D’Amore strikes back with a spinebuster. Bully enters the room and strikes Scott from behind.

The Bully beats up Scott at ringside in front of Scott’s mother, who is sitting in the front row. Bully low-blows Scott again, but EY instructs the ref not to issue the DQ. Bully cries at the official to disqualify him, but the ref simply removes his stripes and walks away. McCarty puts on the ref jersey before D’Amore spears Bully. Deaner is tagged, and EY knocks him down with clotheslines. EY lands a piledriver on him, but Kon pulls McCarty out during the count.

Kon attempts to take out EY, but A1 rushes in and clotheslines Kon out. McCarty stuns Bully and then holds him in place for Scott to faceplant on him. EY snatches a table, which the babyfaces chokeslam through. Scott uses Canadian Destroyer on Deaner. EY pins Deaner after hitting him with an elbow drop.

Eric Young and Scott D’Amore were the winners