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Eva Marie Shares New Details About Her First Lead Movie Role

Eva Marie

Eva Marie hopes to establish a name for herself in Hollywood later this year.

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie recently appeared on Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz to cover a wide range of topics. During the conversation, Marie mentioned that Phoenix, her first starring role in an action film, will hopefully be released in 2023.

“I can give one little sliver. Why not? I had filmed my first lead-action role. It’s called ‘Phoenix,’ and hopefully, if everything goes well in the editing room, it will drop this year,” Eva Marie revealed. “I don’t know where exactly it will live in the sense of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, but that is a little something that I have been up to.”

When asked about everything she is currently working on, Marie said it’s multi-faceted because she wants to keep her hands in as many things as possible.

“I would like to say multi-faceted and wants to put her hand in as many things as possible,” Eva Marie said. “I feel like I’m always, not only with my own businesses, but I’m excited to partner with brands that I’m either passionate about, or I use their product.

“Or it’s one of those things where with Monster Energy, it was just the synergy there when I first met everybody at headquarters in California to discuss the new REIGN launch in 2019, we just hit it off so well, and I love that company.

“I was with them at the start of REIGN’s launch in 2019, and then now to continue to be with them and then see another kind of drink, Storm, now under the umbrella, is just really cool. I’m all about being with brands that I can continue to grow with.”

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