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Evelyn Bermudez vs Kim Clavel Purse Payouts

Evelyn Bermudez vs Kim Clavel

There is another major pay-per-view in women’s boxing that will take place this weekend, pay-per-view rights held by promotion Groupe Yvon Michel. The main event will feature a fight between Evelyn Bermudez and Kim Clavel on 7th October 2023, in Canada. Evelyn Bermudez Kim Clavel’s purse payouts for the fight were reported.

Evelyn Bermudez$100k
Kim Clavel$50k

How Much did Evelyn Bermudez earn for the fight against Clavel?

The details of Evelyn Bermudez’s earnings for the fight with Clavel are based on purse record, she previously earned $30k for the fight against Tania Enriquez. In the upcoming weekend, Bermudez’s earnings for the pay-per-view fight hike to $100k guaranteed.

What will be the purse of Kim Clavel?

Kim Clavel, 33-year-old Canadian boxer will earn a guaranteed purse up to $50k. Since the fight is in Canada, if her fight pull ppv number buys on fight day, she may receive a bonus alongside her opponent.

Fight records of Clavel & Bermudez?

Evelyn Bermudez made 20 appearances in the boxing ring out of which she dominated 18 opponents while losing 1 fight and 1 fight of her ended as a draw. Clavel made 18 appearances in a boxing ring, she won 17 of her fights while one fight ended as a draw.

Since the fight is in Canada if the main-event fight brings a huge crowd and good ppv sales on fight day both of the main boxers will earn some bonuses which will later include Evelyn Bermudez Kim Clavel’s purse.