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Fabio Capello: Brazil have chosen a winner in Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti

Former Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello believes Carlo Ancelotti can lead Brazil to victory.

Ancelotti is on course to become Brazil’s manager in 2024.

He [Ancelotti] is unrivaled. If you are not exceptional, you will not win anywhere in Europe. He even won with Real Madrid, the most difficult club in the world, and Madrid is identical to Brazil,” stated Capello.

There is no room for error, and they [Brazil] have chosen someone who does not make many mistakes.

There is no time to coach, no time to build a group, and there is generally insufficient time with national teams.

He’d be lucky to find a quality group of players and leaders who are willing to listen. Then, of course, they must be in peak condition at the appropriate time. For example, with England, my guys would run nonstop throughout the season but would be weary when they played for the national team. Consider Manchester City’s performance in the Champions League Final vs Inter. They were not the team we were used to seeing.

He needs to rejuvenate himself and rely on those he knows. Militao, Vinicius, and RodrygoFortunately, many others, including Richarlison, Casemiro, and Marquinhos, have played under him at club level.

He must keep track of their clubs, which is simple considering that practically all of them play in Europe.”