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FC 24 Game Modes Explained

FC 24 Game Modes Explained

EA Sports FC 24 is set to draw in a host of new players, and we’ve got you covered with in-depth explanations of each game mode. Whether it’s Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or Pro Clubs, discover what these modes have to offer in the new FIFA 24.

EA FC 24, the successor of FIFA 23, offers a variety of different game modes, which are further divided into various categories. You could play a total of eleven modes in FIFA 23, and for EA Sports FC 24, we expect the same number.

In the Ultimate Team mode, you can create your own dream team and play with dynamic cards representing your favorite players. Here, you can even play with women’s teams for the first time, and there are also new Icon and Hero cards.

If you see yourself more as a manager, then the Career Mode is perfect for you. For shared gaming pleasure with many friends, the Pro Clubs mode is recommended. This article explains in detail all the EA FC 24 game modes and how they work.

With its numerous game modes, EA FC 24 definitely keeps boredom at bay. Whether you play online or offline, this EA Sports football simulation appeals to every football fan.

All Game Modes in EA FC 24

To keep an overview, let’s first look at all the game modes. After that, we’ll examine each individual mode in detail.

  • Kick-off
  • Training Ground
  • Skill Games
  • Tournaments
  • Career Mode
  • Seasons
  • Online Friendlies
  • PlayStation Tournaments
  • Pro Clubs
  • Ultimate Team

We start with the offline modes, as they are best suited for beginners to familiarize themselves with the game. Our goal is to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed in Ultimate Team and lose interest quickly.

EA FC 24: Quick Play Modes

In the main menu, you can select the “Quick Play Modes” section and play the following modes: Kick-off, Friendlies, Tournaments, Skill Games, Training Arena, and PlayStation Tournaments. Here, you have the opportunity to learn all the basic skills you need to become a good FIFA player.


In the Kick-off mode, you have the option to either play alone against the AI or compete against your friends in local co-op. You have access to all licensed teams in EA FC 24. It’s straightforward: Take the controller, choose “Play a Match,” select your favorite team, and off you go.

If you want some variety in the Kick-off mode, you can set different rules for the matches and compete in various licensed competitions. The sub-categories include “House Rules,” “VOLTA,” “UEFA Champions League,” “CONMEBOL Libertadores,” “Home & Away,” and “Best-of Series.” This way, you can customize the gaming experience according to your preferences and enjoy new exciting challenges.

Up to four players can play FIFA 23 Kick-off simultaneously. So, make sure you have enough controllers for you and your friends:

Skill Games

The Skill Games mode is perfect training for beginners. Here, you will be taught all the basics you need to play the game. You can learn passing, shooting, dribbling, defending, and goalkeeping.

The players you control in this mode are the best in their positions from your favorite team. This way, you can prepare yourself optimally for the other game modes and continuously improve your skills.

Training Arena

In the Training Arena, you can practically apply the skills you’ve learned in the Skill Games. Here, you compete in a 1v1 against the goalkeeper. The Training Arena is the ideal place to practice your skills, free-kicks, and penalties.

There’s no time or opponent pressure; you have the entire field to yourself. You can choose both the goalkeeper and your player beforehand.


In this mode, there are also different categories, with the coolest being “Custom Tournament.” Here, you can – as the name suggests – let individual teams compete against each other in a tournament.

You have the freedom to set the number of teams, the group and knockout format, and the teams according to your wishes. It allows you to create a Super League according to your imagination – your creativity knows no bounds.

If you prefer the classic approach, you can also play all licensed competitions in this mode.

PlayStation Tournaments

PlayStation Tournaments was a completely new mode in FIFA 23, introduced in collaboration with Sony. Here, you have the opportunity to participate in online tournaments and even win real money in the form of FIFA Points.

You can play the PlayStation Tournaments either in Ultimate Team with your own team or in Kick-off mode with selected teams. It’s worth reading the tournament description carefully beforehand to get information about the tournament’s schedule, prize money, and game mode.

EA FC 24: Career Mode

The Career Mode has always been one of the most popular game modes in the FIFA franchise. Unfortunately, there is still no online Career Mode for EA FC 24, so you can only play offline against the AI.

It’s different with Madden NFL 24: Here, you can play the Franchise Mode online career with up to 31 other players.

You can start the EA FC Career as either a player or a manager.

As a player, you control your own Pro, but you have limited influence on external factors such as the starting lineup or transfer offers from other clubs.

As a manager, on the other hand, you take full control of the team. You are responsible for transfers, training sessions, and contracts. However, be aware that if the board is dissatisfied, you may face dismissal.

The Career Mode thus offers a captivating player experience with numerous decisions and challenges. Be sure to check out the best young talents for EA FC 24 Career Mode.


The Friendlies mode is nothing more than the opportunity to compete against your friends online in 1v1 matches with licensed teams. The goals scored and games won will be added up.

At the end of the season, the one who has collected more points can be crowned as the champion by their buddy.

EA FC 24: Seasons or Co-op Seasons

In Seasons or Co-op Seasons, you can play the online game mode with licensed teams like Manchester United or 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The matchmaking is based on the star rating of your team and your league.

If you start in Seasons, you begin in Division 10, and your goal is to climb up to Division 1 and win the title.

If you play with a buddy, you are in Co-op Seasons mode and start in Division 5.

EA FC 24: Pro Clubs & VOLTA

Pro Clubs is undoubtedly the most fun mode in FIFA – everyone agrees on that. Here, up to 22 players can create utter chaos and run after the ball like little kids.

Once you’ve created your Pro, you can form your own club, design jerseys, and invite your friends – and the fun can begin.

VOLTA is the FIFA Street mode, which you can play either offline or online in single-player or multiplayer.

Whoever has the best tricks here is the hero. The VOLTA skills and animations offer a cool alternative to the “regular” gameplay. VOLTA is also great for a local party at your place.

By playing Pro Clubs and/or VOLTA, you earn XP, which you can use to buy cool cosmetic items.

EA FC 24: Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in EA FC 24. Here, you start with a rather weak team that you gradually build up through continuous play and improvement.

In this mode, you cannot play with licensed teams; instead, you have to create your own team from licensed players and football legends. All players you find in the Kick-off mode are available here, but each as an individual card.

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, it’s now possible for the first time to play with both women and men in the same team. An awesome feature!

When assembling your Ultimate Team, you must pay attention to the players’ positions and team chemistry. You can’t just randomly put together a team, as the players will then have no chemistry with each other and won’t play well together in-game.

To achieve good chemistry, you should field players from the same league, club, or nationality.

Ultimate Team offers a variety of different game modes that you can play either offline against the AI or online as single or multiplayer.

For beginners, the Squad Battles mode is recommended, as you play against the AI, and you can adjust the difficulty level yourself.

Division Rivals, Champions, and the corresponding qualification are pure online game modes in FUT. You should tackle these modes only once you have put together a somewhat competitive team.

Initially, you will play against teams of similar strength, but over time, the matchmaking will switch to Skill Based Matchmaking.

These are all the game modes in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team. As a beginner, it’s recommended to explore the game modes in the suggested order to gain the necessary experience and skills to be competitive in the Weekend League.