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FIFA Women’s World Cup Head Coaches Salaries | How Much Bonus They Earn for Winning Title?

FIFA Women’s World Cup Head Coaches Salaries

The 32 best teams have qualified for the Women’s World Cup in the year 2023. Hosting rights of the Women’s world cup 2023 held by New Zealand and Australia. The United States, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, China, and England are the top teams to watch in the competition. United States, France, England, and the Netherlands are top-paying teams to their national players and coaches. Fifa Women’s World Cup Head Coaches’ salaries based on their contracts with the teams reported.

Head CoachBase SalaryBonusTeamContract
Vlatko Andonovski$800k (before tax)$100k (reported)USA2023
Sarina Wiegman$1.5m$400k (reported)England2023
Hervé Renard$500k$300k (estimated)France2023
Pia Sundhage$425k$50k (estimated)Brazil2023
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg$500k$75k (estimated)Germany2023
Reynald Pedros$200k$100k (estimated)Morocco2023
Nelson Abadía$225k$100k (estimated)Colombia2023
Colin Bell$300k$100k (estimated)South Korea2023
Germán Portanova$300k$100k (estimated)Argentina2023
Milena Bertolini$425k$200k (reported)Italy2023
Desiree Ellis$100k$100k (estimated)South Africa2023
Peter Gerhardsson$425k$200k (reported)Sweden2023
Ignacio Quintana$175k$100k (estimated)Panama2023
Lorne Donaldson$200k$150k (estimated)Jamaica2023
Francisco Neto$375k$80k (estimated)Portugal2023
Andries Jonker$400k$100k (reported)Netherlands2023
Mai Đức Chung$200k$50k (reported)Vietnam2023
Shui Qingxia$500k (before tax)$250k (reported)China2023
Lars Søndergaard$400k$200k (estimated)Denmark2023
Nicolas Delépine$125k$30k (estimated)Haiti2023
Futoshi Ikeda$500k$200k (reported)Japan2023
Bruce Mwape$100k$25k (estimated)Zambia2023
Amelia Valverde$220k$75k (estimated)Costa Rica2023
Jorge Vilda$400k$100kSpain2023
Christine Sinclair$450k$100kCanada2023
Randy Waldrum$100k$20k (estimated)Nigeria2023
Vera Pauw$275k (estimated)$275k (estimated)Ireland2023
Tony Gustavsson$600k$200k (reported)Australia2023
Hege Riise$400k$50k (estimated)Norway2023
Inka Grings$425k$50k (estimated)Switzerland2023
Alen Stajcic$200k$30k (estimated)Philippines2023
Jitka Klimková$400k$100k (estimated)New Zealand2023
All teams associations adjusted some bonus budget for the coaches based on their performance, coaches receive more than $400k if their team makes it to the finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals, or finished third in the competition.

Sarina Wiegman

Base Salary: $1.5m
Performance Bonuses : $400k (reported)
Team: England

Sarina Wiegman is currently highest paid women’s head coach in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. She is currently earning more than $1.5m. If her team reaches the final or wins the world cup 2023, she will make bonus money up to $400k.

Vlatko Andonovski

Base Salary: $800k
Performance Bonuses: $100k
Team: United States

The second best-paid head coach in the women’s world cup 2023 is the United States team “Vlatko Andonovski”. He will earn a guaranteed $476k base salary after tax, but before tax, his salary is reported to be $800k. If he manages to lift the trophy alongside the women’s team, his base salary increased to $650k which includes tax-free bonus money which is previously reported as $100k.

Herve Renard

Base Salary: $500k
Performance Bonuses: $300k
Team: France

Herve Renard signed a new deal with the French women’s football team he will head coach them in the world cup in 2023. Top media outlets in France and the United Kingdom reported that Renard will earn a guaranteed salary of up to $500k a year.

Tony Gustavsson

Base Salary: $600k
Performance Bonuses: $200k
Team: Australia

The co-hosts of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 made big changes to the squad before the world cup began. As per reports, the head coach of the Australian women’s team will earn a guaranteed salary of $600k and if he manages to lift the trophy in the year 2023 he will earn more than $800k based on the performance bonus awarded by the Association.