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Finn Balor reveals how Judgment Day has revitalized his career ahead of Money in the Bank

Finn Balor

Finn Balor is back to doing what he does best: working villain, after being firmly trapped in the WWE mid-card for years – literally – following his terrible shoulder injury at SummerSlam in 2016, having to vacate his Universal Championship the next day to Seth Rollins on RAW.

Balor, the unofficial leader of The Judgment Day who turned a feud with Edge into a new lease on life as Edge’s replacement, is now just hours away from another shot at Rollins’ title, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship officially being contested at Money in the Bank near his familial home in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Balor noted how “reinvigorated” he feels to be working heel again in an interview with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick just before his match in front of 18,000 fans at the O2 Arena in London, as the decision to work face for much of his WWE career was a creative choice, not a reflection of his preferences.

“It has re-energized me on a personal level.” I don’t want to say too much on a professional level because I haven’t finished that step of the journey yet. Personally, I feel like I’m loving my work again, and I’m feeling revitalized. I’m feeling energized. I’m feeling creative again, and I haven’t had the opportunity to properly explore this type of character on Raw or SmackDown. It’s something I really wanted to execute on a second run in NXT, but when we lost engagement with the audience, we had to adapt and adjust course to change the character because there was no audience in the arena. “This is the ‘Prince’ I wanted to deliver in NXT three years ago,” Balor remarked, according to Fightful.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first put on a pair of wrestling boots.” I was born to be a heel, and when I began at the age of eighteen, I was a heel for years and years. It wasn’t until my first run in NXT that I began to study or be taught how to be a babyface, and it was something that was very much a WWE directive, because that’s how they perceived me. That’s not how I perceive myself, so it’s been an adventurous couple of months for me, getting back to what I feel I do best, or at least what makes me the happiest in the ring. I’m not sure whether it’s my strongest suit, but it’s certainly my favorite. Personally, I’ve thrived in the previous few months as well.”

After established himself as one of the most important heels in New Japan Pro Wrestling history, WWE’s decision to transform Prince Devitt into Finn Balor was always perplexing to fans of his in-ring work. Though this current character isn’t the same man who started the Bullet Club, it’s by far the most fascinating job he’s done in WWE in a long time, which adds to his personal admiration for the position.


Finn Balor expresses his thoughts on the “ridiculous” character of the “Demon.”

Finn Balor was also asked about his “Demon” character, which appears to come and go from WWE with little rhyme or reason during his visit on After The Bell.

Though Balor was willing to attempt whatever creative threw at him, and the character did have roots in his bodypaint from NJPW, he doesn’t think the gimmick worked out as well as some may have hoped.

“It turned into a crutch.” I’ll raise my hand and admit that I’m guilty of attempting to please too many people while neglecting myself. “The thing with that character, or even a lot of what I was doing in WWE in general, was trying to please too many people, whether it was the creative team, the writing team, the merchandise team, the promotions team, the tickets team, and not really pleasing myself,” Balor explained to TJR.

“When the demon character was conceived in Japan, there was no rhyme or reason for it; it was just something I felt I could express myself and mold myself better in the moment when I needed to go into that zone.” When you bring it into the WWE Universe, it needs to become something or have a reason why this happened, why this transition occurs, and I feel like the more you attempt to explain something, the less sense it makes and the more absurd it seems.

“That was the crutch that I felt.” It wasn’t so much the painting process or the creative aspect of attempting to accomplish a different unique design each time; it was trying to keep so many people happy while not really keeping true to myself and why I was doing it in the first place.”

Is the WWE Universe done with the “Demon?” No, probably not; after appearing to be killed off due to embarrassment in his match against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021, Balor brought the gimmick back at WrestleMania 39, and while it didn’t stop him from getting over a dozen staples in his head after the match, it did get a positive reaction from the crowd. Still, if Balor decides to sink or swim on his own merits, it appears like The Judgment Day has set him up to do so.