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Gundogan says ‘yes’ to Barca pending Liga registration

Gundogan says 'yes' to Barca pending Liga registration

This is the Catalan club’s understanding, and they are working tirelessly to acquire the registration of the German international, which must happen almost immediately for everything to come together well. Gundogan has agreed to sign a three-year contract but is waiting for complete guarantees before making an announcement, which might come soon.

Barca had always trusted Gundogan’s word, which he delivered verbally a few weeks ago after multiple meetings with Xavi Hernández. The Blaugrana have been working on a contract for the next three seasons for the past week, aware that City’s offer for two years was high, but it is clear at the club that the player’s decision is to play in the Blaugrana shirt to begin a new sporting cycle after winning everything at the English club.

Gundogan hopes to make an announcement on his future in the coming days. Or, at the very least, make it plain that he will not be staying at Manchester City, but there are still various restrictions, and everything is dependent on him being able to register without any issues. Barça had this issue with Messi, but in the case of Gundogan, they told him that the contract might be approved by the board if they did not create enough salary cap to bring him in.

Barça has been in close communication with him in recent days and believes there is a good probability he will join. In fact, in England, City’s signing of Kovacic and the discussions to capture Declan Rice from West Ham are already taken for granted. Blaugrana sources want to be cautious until the end, but they believe everything is on track as long as the contracts fit in LaLiga. And they believe it will happen.

Gundogan has postponed his final decision so that Barça may work on it, and it is anticipated that all will work out. He is a crucial strategic signing for the Catalan club, and everything has been done to get him in. The issue is still open, but with a greater sense of optimism.