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How Much Do Nepal Cricket Players Earn? Salary, Contracts, Fees

Nepal Cricket Players

Nepal is one of the most improved cricket teams in T20 and ODI competitions after Afghanistan. They have recently performed well in Asia Cup 2023 and looking forward to getting their place in the T20 World Cup. The Cricket Association of Nepal bring some of the players to their squad of T20 and ODI team. In 2018, Nepal earned its status as an ODI team. Nepal cricket players’ salaries and central contracts reported.

PlayersT20 FeesODI FeesTest FeesRetainer FeesCentral Contracts
Rohit Paudel (C)$750$1kN/A$50k2023-24
Kushal Bhurtel$750$1kN/A$20k2023-24
Aarif SheikhN/A$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Bhim SharkiN/A$1kN/A$20k2023-24
Sundeep Jora$750$1kN/A$20k2023-24
Dipendra Singh Airee$750$1kN/A$30k2023-24
Kushal Malla$750$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Gulsan Jha$750$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Bibek Yadav$750N/AN/A$7.5k2023-24
Aasif Sheikh$750$1kN/A$30k2023-24
Arjun SaudN/A$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Binod Bhandari$750$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Sandeep Lamichhane$750$1kN/A$25k2023-24
Lalit Rajbanshi$750$1kN/A$7.5k2023-24
Sagar Dhakal$750N/AN/A$7.5k2023-24
Mousom Dhakal$750N/AN/A$7.5k2023-24
Sompal Kami$750$1kN/A$30k2023-24
Karan KC$750$1kN/A$30k2023-24
Pratis GC$750$1kN/A$15k2023-24
Avinash Bohara$750N/AN/A$7.5k2023-24

How many types of central contracts are offered to Nepal players by their cricket board?

There are three types of central contracts awarded to the Nepal players according to reports these contracts are categorized in (A, B, C) formats.

How Much do A, B, and C central contract holders earn in the Nepal team?

The official numbers are not reported by the board however some reports indicate that Nepal players who got contract A earn more than $30k a year in retainer fees, while players who got a contract in B category earn a maximum of up to $20k and players under a C category earn upto $7.5k per year.

Did all players have central contracts in the Nepal team?

Currently, some players are selected on a match base and earn money as per match fees they don’t get retainer fees at the end of the year or at the time of renewal of the contract.

There will be more details regarding Nepal cricket players’ salaries once the renewal of central contracts is offered to them in the upcoming November 2023 or June 2024.