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Jade Cargill Says a Lot of Her Fans Knew Her Before AEW: ‘I Introduced Shaq to AEW’

Jade Cargill

As previously stated, Jade Cargill indicated on Twitter that she enjoys being outside of the wrestling bubble and may stay there. She also stated that she has no plans to return to AEW TV anytime soon.

Following that, there were some other tweets that may raise some suspicions among fans and AEW employees. Cargill reacted to a fan who stated she had never heard of her before AEW and was pleased to be exposed to her because she is a fan. “You can’t deny the impact AEW has had on your fame, though,” the fan added. It would be naive to believe that a firm that promoted you on national television on a weekly basis and partnered you with Shaq was unimportant. “Thank you.” “I introduced Shaq to AEW,” Cargill said. Moron. He would never have done that with anyone else. Facts.”

In answer to a fan who claimed that AEW made her famous, Cargill stated, “No, they did not.” YOU are familiar with me because of AEW. Many of my fans had already known me. But keep going. As a result, I choose to use my given name rather than a stage name.”

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