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John Cena and Grayson Waller can’t see eye to eye about WrestleMania at Money in the Bank

John Cena and Grayson Waller

Following Cody Rhodes’ somewhat useless match with Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank, the WWE Universe was treated to an absolute treat when John Cena, the face of WWE’s previous era, made an unscheduled visit to London to stir up the fans.

But why is this so? What was Cena doing there? As it turns out, to campaign for the fans and possibly bring WrestleMania to London at some point in the future.

“Surprise! I believe I am the one who is astonished because I am accustomed to you singing ‘John Cena Sucks!’ You turned it around and said, ‘My time is now, you can’t see me, my time is now!’ Take a look around you; did you realize that this is London’s first Premium Live Event in almost 20 years? I take a glance around, hear the noise, feel the enthusiasm, and wonder, ‘What the hell took us so long to spend some time with you?’ Right? Take a look around! And, listen, it’s not up to me; it’s up to the WWE decision-makers, who aren’t sure how they feel about London. Oh, come on, we’re not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. They believe this is a hostile environment; they believe you are sometimes a distraction; and they believe you are attempting to take over the event. Do you see what I mean? Do you see what I mean? They have no idea what they are talking about; you are the voice, the heartbeat, and you are not attempting to take over the show; you are the show!” Cena informed the raucous crowd.

“So, what brings me here?” Man, I adore you guys, but I’m here on your behalf; I threw my hat in the ring because I know the world is watching, and I want them to know that I believe you are undervalued. I’m here today because you all know how much I value respect, and I’m here tonight because every one of you, in my 20 years of experience, has earned it. They also don’t comprehend when we pause to allow you (cheer ‘Thank you, Cena!’). What kind of fun does that make on a night like this? You cheer, you chant, you care, and there is no more thrilling audience than the one in the United Kingdom, in my opinion. So I’m in London to try to bring WrestleMania to the city. I must have hit a nerve with that one, didn’t I? I’m here tonight not for another match, but because I know that when those trumpets sound, people watch and listen, and right now, I want to give something to an audience I adore; I want to give them an opportunity to show the world and the people who make decisions what we already know. Take a moment right now to see, hear, and feel what WrestleMania will sound like in London!”

Unfortunately for Cena, Grayson Waller had other plans, specifically for his preferred destination for an international WrestleMania.

Things are heating up for a SummerSlam feud between John Cena and Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller, who emerged from the back to a surprise positive welcome from the London crowd, quickly became public enemy number one by presenting his own concept for an international WrestleMania.

“What an unbelievable honor, John Cena. I’d introduce myself, but I know you watch; everyone knows the ‘Aussie Icon,’ The Grayson Waller Effect, the best discussion show in WWE. I hope you don’t mind me interrupting; I have nothing but admiration for you and admire everything you do. I’ve admired your career and admire everything about you. What about the jorks? I like the jorks; I’m a fashionista, lad; those are still popular. And what about the movies? “I love all of your movies; your performance in Scooby Doo, man, it moved me,” Waller added.

“But what I admire most about you, John is your ‘hustle, loyalty, and respect’ attitude, which is why I’m disappointed you’re out here deceiving these people!” WrestleMania in the United Kingdom? You’ve got to be kidding, guy. You’ve got to realize this place is a shithole; these folks cheer for people they’re meant to despise and boo for people they’re supposed to adore – yes, that’s very cutting edge, I’m impressed. Never mind that it’s meant to be Summer, but the last several days have been cold and rainy, necessitating the use of a hoodie. If WrestleMania becomes international, it needs to be somewhere gorgeous; good weather, nice beaches, hot girls in bikinis; I think if WWE goes international, it should be somewhere like Australia. WrestleMania: Australia; Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” I can see it now, WrestleMania: Australia; Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!”

Waller persisted as the audience yelled a derogatory slur at him.

“But don’t worry John; I believe I can get you a spot on the show,” Waller remarked. “Hey, hey, I know things haven’t been going so well for you lately; the last time we saw you, you were losing to Austin Theory at WrestleMania, and before that, you were losing to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, and before that, you were losing to The Fiend at WrestleMania?” Hey, I liked how meta that was, but it’s fine; these people are basic; they only remember what they saw yesterday. But all you need, John, is one viral moment, and if anyone knows about viral moments, it’s Grayson Waller, so what I’m going to do, John, is you have to let me be Superman this time. John, you’ve done so much for so many people; let me help you save your career. Consider this: ‘the biggest Grayson Waller Effect of all time, with my special guest John Cena at WrestleMania: Australia.’ “Would you like to get the hometown Grayson Waller rub?”

Cena paused for a moment to consider it.

“So what I’m hearing from you is that there will be no WrestleMania in London, and you want me to fly to Australia to get a rub from Grayson Waller?” Cena inquired. “Imma pass.”

This, understandably, did not sit well with Waller, who decided to attack Cena from behind before eating an Attitude Adjustment that not only proved that the “Aussie Icon” is fully healed from his broken leg, but also proved that for the “Doctor of Thuganomics,” his time in the WWE Universe is very much still now. Fans should be in for a treat if this happens during SummerSlam 2023.