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Josh Alexander Returns To IMPACT At Slammiversary

Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander is back, and he’s determined to reclaim the crown he never lost.

Alex Shelley defeated Nick Aldis in the main event of IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. The action did not stop there, as Josh Alexander returned to the company and confronted Shelley.

To finish the play, Alexander took in the applause from the audience and remarked, ‘I’m back,’ to Shelley.

This was Alexander’s first IMPACT outing after giving up the IMPACT World Championship due to injuries. Alexander’s torn triceps injury was initially revealed on Busted Open Radio on March 24. On the April 6 episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS, he forfeited the title.


Full match results are available on our live coverage page:

Alex Shelley (c) vs. Nick Aldis in the IMPACT World Championship

To begin, Shelley splashes water in Aldis’ face. Aldis gets Shelley out of the corner with a powerbomb and promptly applies the Cloverleaf. Shelley creeps to the lowest rope in order to snap it. Shelley dropped the knee, but Aldis responded with a pumphandle slam. Shelley begins to take Aldis apart in the corner by targeting his left leg. Aldis’ leg is knocked off the apron by Shelley. When Shelley attempts a slide, Aldis traps her in the apron.

Aldis drives Shelley backward into the ring post from the outside. Shelley stuns Aldis in the ropes before stomping on his left arm on the apron. Shelley inserts Aldis’ fingers into the turnbuckle, bending it backward. Shelley strikes the leg with another dragon screw. Back inside, Aldis gets on top, and Shelley follows after him, hoping to hit a massive superplex. They begin to spar, with Shelley landing corner chops and a faceplant.

Shelley enters the Motor City stretch. Aldis works out and attempts a cloverleaf, but Shelley snags his fingers once more. Aldis strikes a tombstone and attempts a cover. Aldis goes up top and lands the elbow drop for a near fall. Shelley grabs his world title and Aldis low blows him as the ref is turned around. Shelley gets planted by Aldis, but the champ kicks out. Shelley DDTs Aldis and then superkicks him onto the title. Shelley connects with Shell Shock for a three-count.

Alex Shelley (c) was the winner.

Shelley rejoices briefly until Josh Alexander returns and confronts her. Josh basks in the “Walking Weapon” chants before grabbing a mic to say “I’m back.”