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Karl Anderson: The O.C.’s WWE Return Was One Of The Greatest Of All Time

The O.C.’s WWE Return Was One Of The Greatest Of All Time

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson discuss their comeback to WWE.

Gallows and Karl Anderson previously had a reasonably successful WWE tenure, winning the RAW Tag Team Championship before being released in 2020. Gallows and Anderson returned to WWE on the October 10, 2022, episode of WWE RAW, where they reunited with AJ Styles after a phenomenal spell in IMPACT Wrestling, where they won the tag team titles three times.

“Well, it was a pretty surreal day,” Anderson said. “Like we’ve said a couple of times, I think we kind of thought WWE was in the rearview mirror.”

Gallows answered by saying they didn’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms, but they were.

“I think we kind of thought that after our exit and some of our content and some of the things we were doing, we weren’t going to be welcomed back with open arms, but we were,” Gallows said. “It was great.”

Karl Anderson Anderson then remarked that they had sorted it all out and that their return was one of the best of all time.

“Yeah, business was business. We moved on, and we worked it all out,” Karl Anderson said. “I think we made one of the greatest returns of all time, and you can look back, and you can see that.

“People will debate that, and I’ve seen some really great returns,” Gallows added, “but if you go back and watch it, and you listen, it’s really hard to ‘crizzap’ on that.”

WWE SmackDown selected The O.C. in the 2023 WWE Draft. On the June 16 episode of WWE SmackDown, Gallows and Anderson were defeated in a tag team gauntlet match.