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Kendrick Perkins believes James Harden will join Lakers this summer

Kendrick Perkins believes James Harden will join Lakers this summer

James Harden appears to be on the move again this summer after only one complete season with the Philadelphia 76ers. The former league MVP’s current contract expires in the offseason, and there’s no certainty that Harden would sign an extension with the Sixers at this point. But, according to Kendrick Perkins, a shocking trade to the Los Angeles Lakers to join LeBron James could be in the works for Harden this summer.

Big Perk recently released his bold list of offseason predictions, and there’s no disputing that his Harden-to-the-Lakers prediction is the most intriguing:

We’re not sure if Kendrick Perkins has any insider information on Harden perhaps creating the biggest headline this summer by joining LeBron in Hollywood. For all we know, this may be Big Perk putting out an idea. It’s not your normal prediction, though.

Could James Harden be the solution to the Lakers’ problems this season? To be sure, a LeBron, Harden, and Anthony Davis Big 3 would strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the NBA.

However, you must also consider whether or not this is genuinely practical. It’s no secret that the Lakers’ salary limit is tight, so it appears that the only way they can sign James Harden is if he’s ready to accept a hefty price reduction. Is James Harden so desperate to win a championship? Kendrick Perkins appears to think so.