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Kevin Nash on LA Knight: ‘Why Didn’t He Get Over Anywhere Else?’

Kevin Nash on LA Knight

Kevin Nash discussed getting backlash for stating LA Knight is a knockoff of The Rock on the newest “Kliq This” podcast:

“There’s so many people that agree that LA is doing the Rock/Austin thing. I mean, the guy’s been in the business for like 10 years. I mean, why didn’t he get over anywhere else?”

“I’ve always said that if you’re not over in three years, it’s just not probably going to happen. I would go down to NXT and I’d ask a guy, ‘How long have you been here?’ He would be like, ‘Four years, five years.’ This was before NXT had its own show. These guys were in developmental for 3, 4 years, five years.”

“I’ve never seen the guy work and I just said what I said, but then when I thought about it after the show was over, anytime you bash one of the boys, I don’t know him but he’s still one of the boys,” Nash added later in the podcast. Anytime you criticize one of the lads, even if I don’t know him, he’s still one of the boys. “I thought, well, the worst-case scenario is that someone will say I bashed him, and then if he’s over, then the people will be like, ‘We like him anyway,’ and they’ll push him harder, like, ‘Well, we’ll show you,’ and the people will get with him more,” I reasoned.

“Somebody said like, ‘Once again these old wrestlers are holding’, We’re holding them down as much as you’re sitting in your** living room getting them pushed. I know you think you guys count. Your don’t. Okay. All I do know is when I was asked to pick somebody, I said Damien Priest, and lo and behold, who won the Money in the Bank? We talked last week. I guess I’m not as out of it as it appears.”

“So I say to myself, alright, I’ve taken the backlash of talking about this guy impersonating The Rock, and I said, let me watch him. I watched for three fu**ing hours. He’s not on the show. I swear Seth Freaking Rollins wrestled 13 times. Damian Priest was on it 11, like, they had so many people that made four and five appearances and this guy that’s super over isn’t on the show. Today I googled him and I’m like, okay, is he hurt? What’s going on? In Cardiff, he worked with Rey that night and did the job to somebody that’s getting ready to retire.”

Tiger Bomb ’91 by Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door 2023:

“The stars aligned right for Kenny because he didn’t get paralyzed. There’s a lot of luck in what we do. I’m just not going to take all the assets that I’ve gathered in the last 30 years and go to the roulette wheel and put it on double green zero, and give it a spin.”