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Knicks Player Wants Warriors Guard to Join Knicks

Knicks Player Wants Warriors Guard to Join Knicks

Donte DiVincenzo of the Golden State Warriors has a $4.7 million player option this summer, which he is anticipated to refuse. While this does not imply DiVincenzo will leave the Warriors, his options are limited, making an opt-in the most likely way to keep him. However, DiVincenzo has likely maneuvered himself into a larger multi-year contract, which he might pursue if he exercises his opt-out.

Should DiVincenzo decide to enter free agency, the New York Knicks G/F Josh Hart wants to see him play for the Knicks. When queried about this by Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Hart stated that he had spoken with DiVincenzo; however, Hart did not elaborate on the substance of that chat. Having said that, the Knicks guard stated his desire to play with his former Villanova teammate again.

This conversation arose after Hart liked a Tweet regarding DiVincenzo’s possible fit with the Knicks, particularly because of his shooting, which Rooks brought up when he asked him about the Warriors guard. It will be a challenging summer for DiVincenzo as he juggles his desire to stay with Golden State while also making the best option for his career.

Based on Josh Hart’s comments, if DiVincenzo opts out and pursues free agency, the Knicks appear to be a possible landing spot.