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KSI vs Tommy Fury Purse Payouts, PPV Money

KSI vs Tommy Fury

Misfits Boxing announced their next boxing pay-per-view, the main event will feature a fight between KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Tommy Fury. The fight will take place on 14 October 2023 at AO Arena in Manchester, England. KSI Tommy Fury purse payouts for the fight revealed.

BoxersPursesPPV SharesTotal Payouts
KSI$1.5m40%$3m | Based on ppv sales more than 700k sales on fight day
Tommy Fury$3m60%$6.5m | Based on ppv sales more than 700k sales on fight day

How Much did KSI Earn for the fight with Tommy Fury?

KSI currently earning between $750k to $1m per fight, he will earn a guaranteed share of $1.5m for the fight against Tommy Fury. There will be a pay-per-view share bonus for the boxers, if on-fight ppv buys cross a figure of 700k KSI will pocket money up to $3m which includes ppv bonus estimated.

What will be the purse share of Tommy Fury for the fight with KSI?

The fight between Tommy Fury and KSI is confirmed for October 2023, Fury previously earned more than $5m for the fight against Jake Paul. This upcoming weekend, when Fury is back in the boxing ring he will earn guaranteed money of $3m for the fight based on TV sponsorship and ppv buys his earnings hike to $6.5m if ppv sales cross 700k sales on the fight day.

Boxing Record of KSI and Tommy Fury?

Tommy Fury currently holds a winning streak of 9 fights, he dominates all of his opponents and looking forward to increasing his winning streak to 10 fights. KSI also retained an undefeated run he defeated top opponents Logan Paul, Brandon Scott, and Luis Alcaraz Pineda before getting into a big fight with Tommy Fury.

Where to watch live coverage KSI vs Tommy Fury fight?

Since the official fight date is confirmed, the broadcasters confirmed for the fight as per reports DAZN live streaming service hold official broadcasting rights for the boxing pay-per-view.

Once the main event between KSI and Tommy Fury ends there will be more details based on the boxer’s KSI Tommy Fury purse which includes a TV bonus, International rights money, and pay-per-view bonuses for the boxers.