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LA Knight Recalls The Time Paul Bearer Mooned Someone Backstage

LA Knight

LA Knight has worked with several amazing wrestlers, but one anecdote with an icon always makes him giggle when he tells it.

In an interview with Metro’s Alistair McGeorge, Knight recounted a story about working with the late Paul Bearer, who had a legendary time as The Undertaker’s manager. During their tenure at NWA Championship Wrestling, Knight recounted a moment when Bearer mooned someone who was performing a pre-recorded promo, causing the entire arena to burst out laughing.

“One of the guys was doing a pre taped promo before the show started that day, and at some point he just pulled his whole big fat ass out and broke the take,” said LA Knight. “He was behind the camera, and just mooned the guy. The whole place just broke down!”

Knight would go on to thank Bearer — real name Percy Pringle III — for his wisdom and their three or four-year friendship.

“He was such a nice guy – unless you got on his bad side, then he would ride your ass hard,’ said LA Knight. “Whenever I would call him or message him or whatever for advice, he was always very, very, very appreciative about it…That ended up being a three or four year working relationship, friendship, and then of course he passed. Man, yeah, you’re talking about rubbing elbows with a guy who’s been with everybody. You name it, he’s been there. For me to be amongst that company, that was pretty wild.”

On July 1, Knight will compete in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WWE Money in the Bank. The show will be covered by WrestleZone as it airs.