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List Of Football Tips and Tricks

List Of Football Tips and Tricks

In order to have foot skills like Messi and shooting ability like Ronaldo, it takes practice and hard work. Football requires coordination between your foot and the ball, and takes practice to feel comfortable dribbling, passing, and shooting a Football ball. Here are tips for anyone trying to improve their Football skills.

List of Football Tips

  • Kick with the Inside of Your Foot
  • Do Not Use Your Hands
  • Practice Trapping the Ball
  • Juggle
  • Shooting
  • Learn to Kick with Both Feet
  • Play Clean
  • Stay in Your Position
  • Don’t Be a Selfish Player
  • Have Fun
  • Treat Your Body Right
  • Always Warm Up and Stretch
  • Fitness Is Key
  • Constantly Have a Ball on Your Foot
  • Purchase the Proper Gear
  • Listen to Coaches
  • Learn from the Pros
  • Play with Friends

Kick with the Inside of Your Foot

Kick with the inside of the foot and not your toe. The inside of your foot is more accurate and is the correct way to kick a Football ball. Although it may be tempting for young players to use their toes, always encourage them to use the inside of their feet.

Do Not Use Your Hands

Unless you are the goalie, do not touch the ball with your hands when it is in play. Football is played with your feet, so when the ball is in play, make sure not to use your hands. The referee will blow his whistle every time you use your hands and award a free kick to the other team, so be sure to use your feet and not your hands.

Practice Trapping the Ball

Having a strong first touch that stays right in front of your body is a very important skill to have as a player. The best way to do this is to grab a partner and practice passing back and forth with each other, focusing on keeping that ball close to your body. You can make this drill harder by kicking the ball harder at each other and also using your non-dominant foot to trap the ball.


Juggling, which is keeping the ball up in the air using your feet, knees, and head, but not your hands, is a very important Football skill to practice. This will help with your ball control and first touch. It might be difficult at starting out, but keep practicing and always strive to set new juggling records.


When you are practicing shooting, make sure that you focus on striking the ball with the laces on your cleats. Also, make sure that your head and body are leaning over the ball, or else your shot will go flying over the crossbar. Shot strength will come over time, regardless of your ability to shoot the ball in the corners and away from the goalkeeper.

Learn to Kick with Both Feet

It is very important to learn to kick with both your dominant and non-dominant feet. It may be tempting to only use your stronger foot, but if you work to develop both feet, then it will be a big advantage in a game. This allows you to be a versatile player, as you can play on both the right and left sides of the field.

Play Clean

As players get older, the game gets more competitive and physical. Make sure that you play within the boundaries of the game and do not play with the intent of injuring a player on the other team. Football is a fun sport when everyone plays cleanly and goes after the ball rather than looking to foul the other players on the field.

Stay in Your Position

There are different positions in Football, including goalie, defense, midfield, and attack. Make sure that you understand what the roles of every position are and the location where they have to stay on the field. If you get out of position, you risk leaving an opposing player wide open.

Don’t Be a Selfish Player

Football is a team sport, so when you are playing with a team, remember to share the ball with your teammates. Trust your teammates and know that if you pass the ball to someone and get open, your teammates will find a way to get the ball back to you. Football is not all about scoring goals; everyone on the field plays a vital role and in order to have success, you must play as a team.

Have Fun

Whenever you are out on the field, put a smile on and enjoy playing this beautiful game. Football can get competitive and intense, but remember, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you had a fun time. As you walk off the field, all you should think about the next time that you will be playing the wonderful game of Football.

Treat Your Body Right

It is always important to stay in shape by maintaining a physically fit lifestyle by eating healthy foods and working out, which will help out on the field. Football requires a lot of running and lower body strength, so it is important for Football players to be in good shape. When you are not on the field, it doesn’t mean that you should fully shut down. The work that you put in off the field always pays off on the field.

Always Warm Up and Stretch

Even if you are just going to kick the ball and run around with a few friends, you should always stretch before you do so in order to reduce the chance of injuries. Football is a sport that uses all of the lower body muscles, so it is important to stretch them out because one wrong move and a muscle could tear. This can be prevented with just a few minutes of stretching before playing.

Fitness Is Key

Before you pick up a ball, you should be sure that you can run around and are conditioned well because Football games at the competitive level can be 90 minutes and are played on large 120-foot-long fields. This means that you will be doing a lot of running, so go for some jogs and work on your conditioning before your first time playing or before a season.

Constantly Have a Ball on Your Foot

Whether you are just starting the game or have been playing your whole life, try to have a ball on your foot at all times and work on dribbling and little skill moves because you can never practice your skills too much.

Purchase the Proper Gear

Make sure that you are always wearing cleats and shin guards when you are playing Football. The cleats will prevent you from slipping and rolling an ankle. Shin guards will protect your shins from getting kicked by other players on the field. During a game, a referee will always check to confirm you are wearing the proper cleats and shin guards, so make sure to purchase them before your first game.

Listen to Coaches

Always listen to your coach when they are trying to help you improve your game. Typically your coach has lots of knowledge of the game and will help you succeed and improve your skills on the field. Try not to argue with your coach, but take their criticism and be coachable.

Learn from the Pros

When you are not on the field, it is helpful to watch professional players on TV. Pay attention to the player in your position and see the techniques that they take to properly play the position. You can never study and learn enough about the game of Football.

Play with Friends

Whenever you have the chance to kick the ball around with some friends and get a little game going, you should take it. It’s always fun to go and play with friends and to get extra touches on the ball. This is a way to get some cardio in and extra touches on the ball when you aren’t training with your team or playing in a game.