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May 1, 2006 Observer Newsletter: WWE/ECW, Brock Lesnar


WWE revives ECW brand, Brock Lesnar settles with WWE, and more.

In a surprise move aimed to rock up World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon decided to relaunch the ECW brand while flying to Europe on 4/20, pushing a number of changes.

Meetings with all aspects of the organization have been held over the last few days in preparation for the 6/11 One Night Stand PPV at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

The concept of resurrecting ECW has come up several times in the last year and has always failed. Most people were pessimistic internally for obvious reasons, both good and bad. Many were presumably because they felt Vince was and were, to some extent, telling him what he wanted to hear. Others, most notably Stephanie, were just opposed to the notion because many believe it wouldn’t work, so there was no use, but if it did work, she’d look bad if her brands weren’t performing well. When tickets for this year’s One Night Stand sold out in just two hours on April 15, McMahon brought it up again with a number of officials.