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Messi’s restaurant where you can eat a ‘Ballon d’Or’ for $25


Together with chef Nandu Jubany, the Hincha restaurant at the MiM hotel in Andorra opened its doors, serving “Leo Messi’s favorite dishes.”

Thanks to the culinary prowess of chef Nandu Jubany, who has brilliantly constructed this one-of-a-kind masterpiece at Hincha (which means fan or supporter in English), the recently established restaurant owned by Paris Saint-Germain striker Lionel Messi, it is now possible to taste a Ballon d’Or.

Famous athletes like Rafa Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pau Gasol, Marcos Llorente, and Marcos Asensio, among many others, have entered the restaurant business. Messi has followed suit by opening Hincha inside the MiM Andorra hotel in Andorra, a tiny, sovereign principality nestled in the Pyrenees highlands between France and Spain.

On the first level of the hotel, Hincha serves a delicious array of cuisine that combine the chef’s avant-garde inventions with Messi’s personal favorites from his native Argentina. According to the restaurant’s website, it offers “authentic cuisine for the whole family, based on quality products.”

Messi joins Ronaldo in restaurant game

The menu of Hincha offers a wide variety of selections to suit different palates.Pizzas cost between 16 and 32 euros ($16-$32), while oysters cost 6 euros ($6.50) per. A wide variety of meats, including the prestigious Japanese wagyu priced at 390 euros ($422) per kilo, sausages starting at 19.50 euros ($22), fish, carpaccios, pasta, and vegetarian dishes starting at 12 euros ($13) are among the enticing options. Tiraditos, a Peruvian dish of raw fish, and tartars are also available for 19 euros ($21). The eatery also provides tempting sides like grilled avocado with pico de gallo.

Customized cocktails with prices starting at 15 euros ($16) with alcohol and three less without round out the varied menu. Additionally, Hincha has a diverse offering of wines that may satisfy even the most exacting palates.

With the inauguration of Hincha, Messi’s admirers and foodies alike may have an exceptional dining experience while tasting the flavors that have captured his attention and appreciating the chance to sample a virtual “Ballon d’Or.” Hincha promises visitors a memorable dining experience with its alluring menu, superb cocktails, and selection of alluring wines.

The desserts, however, are where the real awards are given out. If you choose the option worthy of the best, as mentioned above, you can consume a dessert version of the Ballon d’Or, which has been presented to Messi a record-breaking seven times in his career.

One of the most popular items on the menu is a pudding that costs an additional 24 euros, or about $25.