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Natalya talks getting her groove back after Night of Champions

Natalya talks getting her groove back after Night of Champions

Natalya’s feud with Rhea Ripley following WrestleMania seemed significant for the last active member of the Hart family in WWE. Sure, Natalya has worked more matches than any other woman in WWE, as evidenced by her six new Guinness World Records, but even a “BOAT” can drown in turbulent water, something the “Eradicator” has made her specialty on the main roster since joining The Judgment Day.

Unfortunately for Natalya, all of her nightmares came true, and Ripley made a point of humiliating the “Anvil’s” daughter at every turn, defeating her in 70 seconds in Saudi Arabia and beating her up at every turn… at least until the RAW after Money in the Bank, when Neidhart went the distance and looked fantastic in a 12-minute defeat.

Natalya discussed her battle with Ripley on Busted Open Radio, explaining how she became so utterly dominated by Ripley and how she regained her groove after Money in the Bank.

“When I think about the match I had with Rhea on Monday night, you know, I went into that match with my confidence shaken for the last month or so.” It was just a really difficult moment for me after Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia because I was starting to feel like I wasn’t good enough. “Perhaps I couldn’t hang,” Natalya explained.

“Then, going into that match and performing at that level, I just came to a halt and reminded everyone that not only have I fought to be here and earned the right to be here, but I can also hang at the very highest level.” I can hang at the very highest level after wrestling since I was 18 years old, and therefore I can not only hang at the very highest level, but I can also guide and bring the very top women in WWE to their very best matches of their careers. I’m d**n proud of that because if I’m thinking about my mentality on Monday, if I’m going into that match at a low point, imagine where I’m going to go now that my confidence is back. Nattie has returned, and I am overjoyed. I’m pretty enthusiastic about where I’m going from here because it’s like, okay, Nattie is back. It’s time for me to get back to the top of the game because I am a top-tier talent in WWE, and I was thrilled to be able to demonstrate that.”

While other wrestlers may be disappointed to lose to the current WWE Women’s World Champion, Natalya is more concerned with the whole story being presented in the ring than with wins and defeats. In that aspect, Nattie believes she just played one of her best matches of her career.

Natalya is overjoyed to be able to add another WWE moment to her resume.

Further discussing her encounter with Rhea Ripley, Natalya stated that, in her humble view, she delivered one of the best matches of her RAW career, something she feared would never happen again after suffering such a crushing defeat at Night of Champions.

“I believe the match I had on Monday was one of the top three of my career.” Rhea is a dream opponent for me, and she demonstrated why I was so eager to wrestle her. She’s honestly one of my favorite people I’ve ever fought with, but I wanted to make her feel my bite, and I wanted to bring it to her more than anyone else had. “I feel like I’m excited to see what’s next for me in WWE now, and I think everyone is like, okay, Nattie’s back,” Natalya remarked.

“I went home and cried for days after Saudi Arabia, after Night of Champions.” I just felt like a total failure. I thought this might be my last chance to have this moment, especially on such a big pay-per-view at a site so important to me because Saudi is where Lacey Evans and I made history as the first women to compete there. As a result, it was quite special to me. I honestly felt the lowest I’d ever felt in my career, and I didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance to reclaim it, but I did, and I never take it for granted.”

Was Natalya’s match truly one of the best of her career? Yes, it very well could have been; following a swift loss to Ripley, Natalya was putting her rival in Sharpshooter, punching punches, and displaying the kind of aggressiveness that has mostly been lacking during this babyface run. Overall, Natalya should be pleased with her achievements.