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National Bank Open Prize Money | How $6.6m Distributed Among Men’s & $2.78m Among Women Players?

National Bank Open Prize Money

The upcoming 1000 masters tennis competition confirmed will take place in Canada, it’s also known as the “Canadian Open”. Due to sponsorship, the event is well known as the “National Bank Open”. There is a massive hike in the Canadian Open prize money. As per reports $6.6m was distributed ammenen’s and $ 2. was 78m was distributed among women players.

StandingsMen’s SinglesWomen’s SinglesMen’s DoubleWomen’s Double
Quarter Finals$166k$63.3k$51.4k
Round of 16$88.8k$31.6k$28.3k
Round of 32$47.6k$17.9k$13.5k
Round of 64$26.3k$12.8k
Qualifiers Round 2$13.5k
Qualifiers Round 1$7k
Total Prize Money$6.6m$2.78m

Official details regarding Canadian Open prize money revealed. The men’s singles winner will earn guaranteed prize money of $1.0the 1m, the runner-up will receive give a share of $556k. The two players who lost semi-finalsnals will ea a share of $ 30 and 4k, and four players who got knocked out in the quarter-finals will earn prize money of $166k. In singles, prize money is distributed from qualifier round 1 to finals.

The women’s singles winner will earn a share of $454k, the runner-up will receive a share of $267k, two losing semi-finalists will earn $138k and qquarter-finalistswill receive $63.3k. Further details which include men’s double prize money and women’s double prize money reported in the above table.