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Nova On If He Knew The Simon Dean Name Was A Rib On Dean Malenko


During his tenure with WWE, Nova had a lot of fun playing the character of Simon Dean.

Nova from The Blue World Order recently chatted with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about a number of topics. When asked about the Simon Dean character and whether he realized the name was a rib on Dean Malenko (whose real name is Dean Simon), Nova said he didn’t know until Malenko told him.

“That’s the only thing they came up with was the name was Simon Dean,” Nova said. “Everything else I came up with, the Segway scooter. The original name I came up with was Sonny Slade because I wanted to have Sonny Slade’s Super System of Self-Help and Supplements. That’s what it was going to be.

“So I pitched that whole angle Jack Lane, Tony Little; all this stuff was my idea. And then they came up with the name Simon Dean. I didn’t know what Dean’s real name was. And then, like he came up to me a couple of weeks later and said his name is Dean Simon and the whole deal. And I was like, well, this is great. Because I could do Simon Says and all that stuff, and I never looked back. I loved my time in WWE. I loved being Simon Dean. I love being Nova, Hollywood Nova, but I just like being a pro wrestler.”