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Overwatch League 2023: Teams, Schedule, Results, Format, Map Pool, More

Overwatch League 2023

The competitive season of Overwatch League 2023 is ending and the final eight teams are set to lock horns from 28th September to 1st October. It will feature a total prize pool of $1,855,000 USD (INR 15,42,51,783) divided between the top six.

Blizzard Entertainment will be kicking off this offline tournament at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in partnership with Toronto Defiant, one of the partnered teams that competes in the Western Division of the Overwatch League.

Here are the complete details about the Overwatch League 2023 like participating teams, overall schedule, event format, map pool, prize pool split, livestream information, and more.

Overwatch League 2023 (OWL 2023): Complete Details

The sixth season of Overwatch League 2023 has reached the final stage as qualified teams prepare themselves for the last push towards lifting the trophy in front of a live audience in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

OWL 2023: Teams

A total of eight teams have qualified for the Playoffs and only the top four will move ahead to reach the Grand Finals from this point forward.

TeamGroupQualifying Status
Atlanta Reign1West Summer Stage Qualifiers
Florida Mayhem2West Summer Stage Qualifiers
Houston Outlaws2West Summer Stage Qualifiers
Boston Uprising1West Play-Ins
London Spitfire1West Play-Ins
Hangzhou Spark1East Knockouts Finish
Seoul Infernal2East Knockout Finish
Dallas Fuel2East Play-Ins

OWL 2023: Schedule and Results

The final two stages of OWL 2023 are the Overwatch League Playoffs and the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

  • Overwatch League Playoffs: 28th to 30th September
  • Overwatch League Grand Finals: 1st October

Group 1 | Overall Results

1Hangzhou Spark2-02
2Boston Uprising2-13
3London Spitfire1-2-1
4Atlanta Reign0-2-4

Group 2 | Overall Results

1Florida Mayhem2-05
2Houston Outlaws2-14
3Dallas Fuel1-2-3
4Seoul Infernal0-2-6

Playoffs – Match Results

MatchGroupStageTime (CT)DateMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Winner
HZS vs ATL1Opener13:0028 SepIlios | 1-2Midtown | 1-2Suravasa | 3-2Esperanca | 79.52m – 59.11mRoute 66 | 3-2HZS | 3-2
BOS vs LDN1Opener14:3028 SepLijiang Tower | 1-2King’s Row | 2-1New Junk City | 3-2New Queen Street | 120.79m – 37.76mBOS | 3-1
DAL vs INF2Opener16:0028 SepBusan | 2-0Blizzard World | 3-2Suravasa | 3-0DAL | 3-0
HOU vs FLA2Opener17:3028 SepLijiang Tower | 2-0Midtown | 1-2New Junk City | 2-3New Queen Street | 57.37m – 95.88mFLA | 3-1
ATL vs LDN1Eliminator13:0029 SepIlios | 1-2Blizzard World | 2-3Suravasa | 0-3ATL | 3-0
INF vs HOU2Eliminator14:3029 SepIlios | 1-2Blizzard World | 1-3Suravasa | 2-3HOU | 3-0
HZS vs BOS1Winner16:0029 SepLijiang Tower | 0-2King’s Row | 2-3Suravasa | 3-2New Queen Street | 79.32m – 61.11mRoute 66 | 2-1HZS | 3-2
DAL vs FLA2Winner17:3029 SepLijiang Tower | 0-2King’s Row | 1-2Suravasa | 1-3FLA | 1-3
BOS vs ATL1Decider13:0030 SepLijiang Tower | 2-0Blizzard World | 2-3Suravasa | 3-1Esperanca | 124-35m – 105.73mBOS | 3-1
DAL vs HOU2Decider14:3030 SepLijiang Tower | 0-2King’s Row | 0-2Suravasa | 2-3HOU | 3-0

Note: The match times and dates might differ for different timezones as follows,

  • First Match: 13:00 (CT), 11:00 (PT), 14:00 (ET), 18:00 (GMT), 23:30 (IST)
  • Second Match: 14:30 (CT), 12:30 (PT), 15:30 (ET), 19:30 (GMT), 1:00 (IST – Next Day)
  • Third Match: 16:00 (CT), 14:00 (PT), 17:00 (ET), 21:00 (GMT), 2:30 (IST – Next Day)
  • Fourth Match: 17:30 (CT), 15:30 (PT), 18:30 (ET), 22:30 (GMT), 4:00 (IST – Next Day)

Grand Final – Match Results | 1st Oct

MatchStageTime (CT)Match 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6Match 7Winner
HZS vs HOUSemifinal13:00Busan | 1-2King’s Row | 5-6Suravasa | 0-3N/AN/AHOU | 3-0
FLA vs BOSSemifinal14:30Busan | 2-0Midtown | 1-2New Junk City | 3-2Colosseo | 48.24m – 43.16mN/AN/AFLA | 3-1
HZS vs BOSThird Place16:30Ilios | 2-0Midtown | 1-0New Junk City | 3-1N/AN/AHZS | 3-0
HOU vs FLAGrand Final18:00Antarctic Peninsula | 1-2Blizzard World | 2-3Suravasa | 2-3Esperanca | 53.08m – 74.39mFLA | 4-0

Note: The match times and dates might differ for different timezones as follows,

  • Semifinal 1: 13:00 (CT), 11:00 (PT), 14:00 (ET), 18:00 (GMT), 23:30 (IST)
  • Semifinal 2: 14:30 (CT), 12:30 (PT), 15:30 (ET), 19:30 (GMT), 1:00 (IST – Next Day)
  • Third Place: 16:30 (CT), 14:30 (PT), 17:30 (ET), 21:30 (GMT), 3:00 (IST – Next Day)
  • Fourth Match: 18:00 (CT), 16:00 (PT), 19:00 (ET), 23:00 (GMT), 4:30 (IST – Next Day)

OWL 2023: Map Pool and Format

The following Game Modes and Maps will be featured in Overwatch League 2023


  1. Antartic Peninsula
  2. Ilios
  3. Lijiang Tower
  4. Busan


  1. Blizzard World
  2. Midtown
  3. King’s Row


  1. New Junk City
  2. Suravasa


  1. Colosseo
  2. Esperança
  3. New Queen Street


  1. Circuit Royal
  2. Dorado
  3. Shambali Monastery
  4. Route 66

OWL 2023 – Playoffs

  • The eight qualified teams will be split into two groups of four teams each.
  • Both groups will follow a double-elimination bracket and every match will be a best-of-five series.
  • The top two teams from each bracket will advance to the Grand Finals.

OWL 2023 – Grand Finals

  • The four qualified teams will go against each other in a simple single-elimination bracket.
  • Every match will feature a best-of-five series except for the finals which will feature a best-of-seven match.
  • The last team standing will be crowned as the champions.

OWL 2023: Prizepool

The tournament features a total prize pool of $1,855,000 USD which will be split between the top six teams in the following manner.

PositionPrize Money (USD)Team
1$1,000,000Florida Mayhem
2$400,000Houston Outlaws
3$225,000Hangzhou Spark
4$130,000Boston Uprising
5$50,000London Spitfire
6$50,000Dallas Fuel

OWL 2023: Livestream

The tournament will be broadcast live exclusively on YouTube and those interested in watching the tournament can do so by visiting the official channel – Overwatch League.

It will be interesting to see which team walks away as the champion of Overwatch League 2023 after working hard and giving their absolute best throughout the entire season.

Not only will they be declared as the best Overwatch team of the year but also leave a legacy behind as one of the top contenders. They will also shape the course of their future and the upcoming seventh season of the franchise.