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Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals, Muhurat, Significance, Avoiding Foods

Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals

In Hinduism, Pitru Paksha, also called Shraddh Paksha, is a 16-day festival devoted to ancestor worship. Through priests or brahmins, people brought food and drink to their departed ancestors during this period. It is said that at this time, ancestors come to Earth to accept the gifts. September 29, 2023, is when Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals 2023 will begin, and it ends on October 14, 2023. It is seen as a fortunate period to carry out customs such as Shraddh, Pind Daan, and Pitru Tarpan.

Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals

In India, our childhood is heavily influenced by both the culture and the religion of the country. Not only do we show respect to our living elders, but we also pay honor to our ancestors who have passed away in a number of different ways. Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals is one of those significant seasons, during which we do particular rituals that are thought to obtain our departed ancestor’s peace and moksha, this is another name for breaking out from the cycle of reincarnation and death.

In other words, Pitru Paksha Shradh Rituals is one of those times when we break the cycle of death and rebirth. It is often thought that the ancestors pay a visit to their living relatives and friends around this time of year in order to receive the numerous food offerings. It is said that by carrying out the Pitru Paksha ceremonies, the deceased spirits find peace and bestow blessings on the individual performing the rites as well as his family.

Foods to avoid during Pitru Paksha

There is a long list of foods that, when combined with adherence to the other guidelines, should be absolutely avoided. During this time, the following foods are allegedly prohibited: It goes without saying that alcohol, eggs, and non-vegetarian meals should be absolutely avoided. But, there are several items that one must avoid during the Pitru Paksha, including mustard greens, bitter gourd, black chana, masoor dal, black urad dal, black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black salt, and bitter gourd and cucumber.

NameShradha 2023
Also known asPitr Paksha
SignificanceDedicated to the ancestor
Start date29th September 2023
Last date14th October 2023

In addition to these, brinjals, onions, and garlic should all be avoided at this time as tamasic foods. Not only that, but common foods like rice, wheat, chana sattu, potatoes, colocasia (arbi), and radish should also be avoided. Additionally, it is recommended to abstain from using cigarettes, supari, and pandan. It is also crucial that you avoid eating any stale food during this time.

What to eat during Pitru Paksha?

The person conducting these ceremonies should ensure that they exclusively eat the Sattvik diet during the Pitru Paksha since this promotes spiritual development and mental tranquility. A diet heavy in Tamasic or Rajasic foods impedes spiritual development and mental equilibrium. Make sure you drink enough water to keep hydrated all day.

Pitru Paksha Significance

Pitru Paksha has great religious importance in Hinduism. Known by another name, Shraddh Paksha is Pitru Paksha. These are the days set aside for honoring the ancestors and forebears. People pray for their departed loved ones. In the name of their ancestors, people provided food and clothing to the Brahmins.

It is said that ancestors make earthly visits during Shraddh Paksha, during which they are bestowed with all their families have to give. It is seen to be very auspicious to do Shraddh, Pind Daan, and Pitru Tarpan on these days. After calling the brahmins at home and presenting them with sattvik food, clothing, and dakshin, people touch the brahmins’ feet and get their blessings. It’s also said that Brahmins are how the ancestors obtained it.

Shradh Pooja Muhurat 2023

On September 29, Bhadrapada Purnima will continue till 3:26 p.m. Following this, on September 30, at 12:21 p.m., Ashwin month’s Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha will begin. In order to pay tribute to their deceased ancestors, people participated in tarpan, pind daan, shradh, panchbali bhog, and other rituals during this period. It’s vital to remember that tarpan is made of water combined with white flour, black sesame, barley, and kasha grass.

Shradh Rituals 2023

Absent the feeding of Brahmins, the Shradh rite remains unfinished. This is a very important ceremony that must be performed during Pitru Paksha in order to appease the ancestors. It’s said that the ghosts of the departed pay their loved ones visits on Earth during the Pitru Paksha season.

These rites, such as pind daan, shradh, and tarpan, aid in bringing these spirits peace.

The family quenches the soul’s hunger and need. If one wishes their ancestors to rest in peace, they should carry out these rites on Pitru Paksha. On the day of the ceremony, you should take notice of the puja tithi and muhurat.