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John Collins

John Collins

Atlanta Hawks Power forward

Nationality :American
Date Of Birth :September 23, 1997
Height :6 feet 9 inches
Weight :103 kg

John Collins: A Brief Biography

Young American professional basketball player John Collins plays for the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.

Collins has played power forward for the Hawks for the majority of his NBA career. The dynamic athlete has, however, consistently demonstrated his value as a center.

Following the Hawks’ selection of John Collins in the 2017 NBA Draft, Collins now plays in the NBA. For Wake Forest University, he had previously played basketball for two seasons.

Collins has won numerous accolades for his exceptional performance during his college time.

Birth Place, Family, Early Life

John Collins was born on September 23, 1997, to parents John Collins Jr. and Lyria Rissing-Collins in Utah, United States.

His parents were both US military personnel at the time of his birth.

His mother was an American Air Force employee, while his father served in the Navy. He consequently spent the most of his youth outside of the United States despite being born there.

When he was still a child, Lyria and John were transported to Guam, where they spent several years as a family. After that, he lived in Turkey for several years with his mother while his father, John, went back to the US.

Collins’ early years were challenging since he frequently changed homes. He therefore attended junior high schools in numerous countries when he was younger.

He has also traveled extensively in other countries like Cyprus, Greece, and others.

He developed an early interest in sports. He had taken up basketball when he was five years old, and his goal was to one day play in the NCAA Tournament.

Similarly, when he was seven years old, he started playing in basketball competitions.

In the end, Lyria left the military in 2010, and the pair moved to Florida in the US. Collins’ parents divorced around the same time, and he moved home with his mother.

Collins’ mother supported him from the start, and as a result, he excelled in both academics and basketball. She used to accompany him to many of his competitions and practices.

Height of John Collins, Weight, and Body Stats

He is 6.9 feet (1.06 meters) tall and weighs about 226 pounds (103 kilograms). His wingspan measures a whopping 2.11 meters.

John also enjoys getting tattoos, and he has more than a dozen on his arms alone.

His ink features a skull, as well as images from Polynesian and Egyptian cultures as well as plants and animals.

He asserts that he has always been fascinated by the variety of human cultures and that one of the main goals of his drawings is to honor many cultures from all over the world.

How much does John Collins Earn? Net Worth

John Collins started his career in 2017, but in recent years, he has emerged as one of the Atlanta Hawks’ highest-paid players. It is estimated that he currently earns more than $23 million a year.

Various estimates place his net worth somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. The actual figure hasn’t yet been established, though.

As we all know, Collins has been a member of the Hawks since he made his NBA debut. He received roughly $1.9 million from the club alone for his rookie campaign.

He sustained numerous injuries, yet his performance improved every season. The Hawks dramatically raised his compensation as a result.

A new $125 million deal with the team was reached by him in 2021. So, if all goes according to plan, he will earn a sizable sum over the next five years.

John Collins plays for Atlanta Hawks (Southeast NBA Team)

Professional Career: 2014 saw John complete his high school education and move on to play basketball for West Forest University.

Even though he did not lead the Demon Deacons to a championship, John Collins developed as a power forward during his brief time with the team.

The coaches were incredibly impressed by his performance, and as a result, seasoned coaches like Danny Manning and Randolph Childress saw him as a potential NBA superstar.

His performance was worse than in his second season, though. Before declaring for the 2017 NBA draft, he participated in both college basketball seasons, playing every game.

NBA Development

In the nineteenth round of the 2017 NBA Draft, Collins was taken by the Atlanta Hawks. After being chosen, he entered into a rookie scaled contract with the team on July 1, 2017.

Even though he entered the league just after his sophomore year of college, the team had faith in him, and he did well in the NBA Summer League of 2017.

He consequently played wonderfully in 74 games during his first NBA regular season. He played more minutes in subsequent seasons thanks to his 10.5 points and 7.3 rebounds per game average from his rookie campaign.

He appeared more assured on the court in the second season, and his statistics showed it.

NBA Trophies & Titles

  • NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2018)
  • First-team All-ACC (2017)
  • ACC Most Improved Player (2017)

Personal Life

John Collins is not dating right now and is single. In a similar vein, there is no information regarding his prior partnerships.

He has only been working as a professional for about five years, therefore he wants to spend as much time as he can honing his abilities. In addition, he keeps getting hurt, which makes him more self-absorbed.

As a result, he has shied away from love. He does, however, have another major passion in addition to basketball. That is how intensely he loves football.

John Collins is a fan of Chelsea FC and enjoys watching the English Premier League. As a result, he currently values many other things over his romantic life.

However, as we discover more about the related topic, we’ll keep track of it and let you know.