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Pokémon Go: Players Are Cheating with Discord Bot

Pokémon Go: Players Are Cheating with Discord Bot

Since Go’s release, Niantic has been at war against cheaters. However, cheaters are always finding ways to exploit the game and ruin the experience for everyone else. In recent weeks, another major Pokémon Go hack has surfaced, completely breaking Pokémon Go League Battles and giving you complete control of the battle. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokémon Go discord bot hack.

Pokémon Go: Players Are Cheating with Discord Bot

If you’ve been following the Pokemon Go news, you know that there’s a lot of speculation among players about Pokemon Go League matching. It’s been called rigged and unfair, and sometimes, it feels like your opponent knows what you have on your team.

We finally have an answer for what’s going on. In recent weeks, Pokemon Go players and content creators have signal-boosted about a brand-new game exploit that uses a Discord bot that scraps the game code during player battles.

You’re wondering what this means? This means if your opponent is using this exploit, the Discord bot will share your team sheet, giving your opponent full knowledge of every Pokemon you have selected, their CP, and their movements within a matter of seconds.

The Pokemon Discord Bot hack is not that widely being used as of now since it requires a specific type of phone manipulation to make the bot functional, but the exploit is still out there, and things can get worse once it starts getting more traction.

Team compositions are a core part of Pokemon Go’s gameplay. If you’re playing against someone using this exploit, you will be at a serious disadvantage. The opponent will have an unfair knowledge of everything you are going to do. What’s worse is that this Discord bot hack is untraceable; it cannot be noticed while being used in private or Pokemon Go League Battles.

We don’t have an official statement from Niantic as of now, but the studio is most likely aware of the issue and is working to prevent and fix the exploit.

However, people in the community can still rely on the exploit even though the original server the bot used has been taken down. Youtuber Poke AK, who broke the news, doesn’t buy that.

Will Using Discord Bot Hack for Pokemon Go Battle League Get You a Ban?

Short answer: yes. If you’re using any kind of exploit or hack in Pokemon Go, sooner or later, you will face Niantic’s ban hammer. Even though the Discord bot hack is still untraceable, once Niantic has released a fix for this exploit, we can expect to see a ban wave for players who were using this hack.

That’s everything you need to know about the Discord bot hack in Pokemon Go. Remember, if you encounter any bug or exploit in the game, report it to Niantic and play clean.