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Raptors Trade For Bulls’ Zach LaVine In Bold Scenario

Zach LaVine

Nobody enjoys losing anything – at least not without obtaining something in return. That is also true in some cases for NBA teams.

Regardless, that is sometimes how life goes. Making a trade is not always possible. Sometimes the only thing we can do is accept defeat and move on.

It is never ideal to lose a player, but it does occur on occasion. Consider the Toronto Raptors as an example.

Fred VanVleet’s days are numbered. As a result, the Raptors received nothing in exchange for him. It is possible that they will have to replace the new Houston Rocket in order to compete next season.

If the Raptors want to be competitive, as they appear to be, they must make a significant deal to add a dynamic perimeter star.

Could they do so with Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine?