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Road Dogg: The New WWE Titles Represent Tradition, What A Championship Looks Like

Road Dogg

Road Dogg adores the new WWE Championship designs.

The WWE Hall of Famer was asked for his thoughts on the new WWE “belts” that have appeared on RAW and SmackDown in recent weeks on the newest episode of the Oh, You Didn’t Know? Podcast. Road Dogg praised the new titles, saying they represent what championships should be like.

“I’m gonna forgive you for calling them belts, but that’s cool. Look, you’re the Lays person. I get that. You love a good Lays potato chip,” Road Dogg joked. “Oh no, I was talking about your chip preference. I think it’s exactly what Hunter has always been, a traditionalist from his training with Kowalski to his mentoring by Flair. Everything he’s done has been with respect to tradition in this industry. And so I think these are, but you can’t just copy another title that was good.

“You don’t just go like oh, people loved that one. No, you have to be the innovator. And now I think we’ve seen now speaking very currently is the women’s titles also have done the same thing. So you’re gonna have a world champion or WWE Champion or Universal Champion and a world champion. I’m not sure where the names exactly lay now, and is Roman Reigns still undisputed? I think things like that are going to come out and are really intriguing to me.

“Not as an inside-the-circle guy but as a viewer as a fan. Which I’ve tried to do a lot this stint in this specific job just to watch so I can give you nuances of that on a live event. But I don’t know; It’s all intriguing to me. I love the new titles. They’re huge. They’re beautiful. But yet they’re big and plain too. And I think that’s tradition. Look, we all went the way of the big eagle and the big spinner and the big this and the big that. I think these go back to what a championship title looks like. And that’s my opinion, and I’m sure the internet will hate me for that too.”

While many fans dislike the large WWE logo prominently displayed on the new titles, Road Dogg loves the branding and thinks it’s smart business.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a good gold strap that’s very intricate in the inner workings too. That’s very inside of it if you held it and feel it. It’s a title, and it’s what it looks like, and what does it display as big as all day? The logo of your brand,” Road Dogg said. “So it’s branding, it’s all of the above as in smart for business. And I mean today’s business, not even the wrestling business.

“I’m just talking about today and when with business sense in mind, it’s genius, and for our business for the wrestling business. It was made with tradition in mind. So that’s how I see it, and you can see it differently if you would like. I’m sure a lot of people do, but what do you want me to do? You know what I mean? I like the titles. I like what they stand for. I understand why they look like what they look like, and I accept it. I’ve also learned in my lifetime that acceptance is the key.”