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Rob Van Dam Admits He Had The Wrong Impression Of Goldberg At First

Rob Van Dam

Before meeting Goldberg backstage at WWE, Rob Van Dam had some preconceived views about him.

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam discussed the first time he met Goldberg in WWE and having an unfavorable image of him due to some of the things he said about ECW when working for WCW on the latest edition of 1 Of A Kind with RVD.

“I remember I was in WWE, Bill Goldberg was coming in this day, and I never met him, but I had this image of him in my head that I wasn’t going to like him because he had said something about ECW that I took personally, which was stupid, something about nobody in ECW being talented,” Rob Van Dam explained. “Something like that, or I thought he said something like that, whatever.” That was the only information I had.”

Van Dam discussed meeting Goldberg in catering and how the WCW Legend was quite appreciative of him and his body of work, which transformed RVD’s perception of him.

“I had this mental image of him. “And then he was in catering, putting food on his plate,” Rob Van Dam went on. “And I was nearby when he approached me and extended his hand, saying, ‘Hey, Rob Van Dam, I’m Bill Goldberg.'” Man. I admire your work. I genuinely value your efforts.’ And all of a sudden I realized, ‘My image was completely off. This guy is awesome.’ ‘You’re very talented,’ he exclaimed. ‘Dude, an image is just an image,’ I said. This isn’t a genuine person. It does not have three dimensions. It’s only a picture.”

Another WCW performer still achieving huge things in 2023 is All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho; RVD said it’s amazing to watch what he’s been doing and how he’s decided to conclude his career on his own.

“It’s awesome what Jericho’s been doing,” Rob Van Dam said. “And not just him, but you know he’s my age and has had a career similar to mine.” And it’s great to see him still there, on top, doing things his own. I’m a strong believer in doing things your own way, and that’s exactly what the boys did with AEW.”