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Cricket Scotland became ICC Associate Member with ODI status in 1994. The team of Scotland played their first ODI back in May 1999. Doug Watson currently holds the coach position. Watson made a couple of changes to the squad of Scotland team. Scotland cricket players’ salaries and central contract details were reported.

PlayersT20 FeesODI FeesTest FeesRetainer FeesCentral Contracts
Richie Berrington (C)$750$1.3kN/A$100k2023-24
Oli Hairs$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
Christopher McBride$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
George Munsey$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
Jack Jarvis$750$1.3kN/A$15k2023-24
Chris Greaves$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
Michael Leask$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
Brandon McMullen$750$1.3kN/A$40k2023-24
Matthew Cross (C)$750$1.3kN/A$60k2023-24
Tom Mackintosh$750$1.3kN/A$15k2023-24
Hamza Tahir$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24
Mark Watt$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24
Brad Currie$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24
Alasdair Evans$750$1.3kN/A$30k2023-24
Gavin Main$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24
Adrian Neill$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24
Safyaan Sharif$750$1.3kN/A$30k2023-24
Chris Sole$750$1.3kN/A$25k2023-24

How Much do Scotland players earn per match in T20 and ODI fees?

The data regarding ODI and T20 players earnings reported back in the year 2022, as per details the Scotland players who are part of the ODI series earn $1.3k maximum per match and $750 awarded to each player who is part of the T20 series.

How Much Bonus money do Scotland players earn on a central contract?

All cricket boards who are associated with ICC pay bonuses to the players, the players who play key roles in the team’s qualification for the ICC competition earn 25% more compared to other players on central contracts. Captains earn per match 25% more compared to the player’s fees. Players who score a century, and play a key role in the team’s victory earn a bonus.

When did Scotland team cricketers’ contracts renew?

The official date is announced by the Scotland cricket board, however, most teams offered new contracts or added players to central contracts in November or June of next year. The players might receive new contracts in the upcoming year 2024.

Once the new contracts offered to the players are completed details regarding Scotland cricket players’ salaries and central contracts updated here later.