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Sergio Busquets’s emotional speech at Camp Nou on Barca goodbye

Sergio Busquets

This afternoon, Sergio Busquets played his final match for FC Barcelona. With the typical parade of his teammates following the final whistle, the Blaugrana skipper received a deafening ovation after being replaced during the game versus Mallorca.

Later, the Badia midfielder wanted to speak to the Barcelona supporters to bid them farewell. In an emotional statement, he thanked them for their support throughout his time at the club. Fans yelled “Busi, Busi” at Spotify Camp Nou.

Sergio Busquets’ entire speech was as follows:

“I want to thank all the players who have accompanied me on this journey over all these years. To the coaches I’ve had, the staff, the workers. And also to you, the fans. It has been a pleasure to play here. Also, of course, to my family, who have always accompanied me and made me give the best of me. Thank you very much, I love you, you make me very happy.

Sergio Busquets's emotional speech at Camp Nou

I’ve wanted to play in this stadium since I was a young child. We come to an end today because we will once more possess the best stadium in the entire globe. With the top players and supporters, we are the best club in the entire globe. We’ll all fit in the same stadium.

I attended away games, watched them on television, and came to witness the games in person, and no one in the world will ever be able to take away my sense of pride in belonging to the best club in the world. I am both a fan and a member. Now that I’m leaving, the childhood fantasy I had has come true and been better thanks to reality.

Being able to be here, play for my beloved club, and winning so many championships. In closing, let me stress that this is not a farewell but rather a “see you soon, Barcelona and Catalonia.”

The farewell Sergio Busquets received from FC Barcelona was deserving of his legendary status. A distinctive player is quitting.