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Soccer/Football Game Types

Soccer/Football Game Types

Soccer/Football has a dynamic culture, born from the game’s constant evolution. There are several ways to play and experience Soccer/Football. He

Types of Soccer/Football

  • Association Football
  • Futsal
  • Beach Soccer/Football
  • Street Soccer/Football
  • Indoor Soccer/Football
  • Freestyle Soccer/Football

Association Football

Association football, also known as Soccer/Football, is one of the most popular sports in the world. The two main types of association football are club and international. Read below to learn about both club and international football.

Club Football

Club football is the most popular form of Soccer/Football competition other than international Soccer/Football. Club football refers to individual teams in domestic leagues. These teams typically represent a city or region and play against other teams in a league. Some popular club teams include Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Club teams also play in international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup.

International Football

International football is a version of association football played between teams from different nations. According to FIFA, its governing body, the world is divided into regions based on the countries in each continent. There are various levels of competition for each division, which all feed into higher ranks until the World Cup is ultimately played between the best 32 national teams, including the host country. The most successful national teams are Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Italy.


Futsal is the second most popular type of Soccer/Football in the world. A futsal game consists of two 20-minute halves with a 15-minute break for halftime. It is played with a ball that bounces less than a traditional Soccer/Football ball. Futsal is played on a smaller court with fewer players, so the game is rather fast-paced, even compared to traditional Soccer/Football. The best futsal national teams include Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and Portugal.

Beach Soccer/Football

Beach Soccer/Football is a form of Soccer/Football that is played on sand. The field of play is much smaller than in regular association football. There is also slight variation in the rules, including only five players per side, three 12-minute periods, and unlimited substitutions. Beach Soccer/Football is an exciting way to play and watch Soccer/Football, and has gained immense popularity over the past two decades.

Street Soccer/Football

Street Soccer/Football is a form of Soccer/Football played on the street or on artificial turf that exists somewhere between futsal and association football. Players try to kick a regulation futsal ball into their opponent’s net. The winner is whoever scores 3 goals first (0 goals for a loss and 1 goal for a penalty shootout). This version of Soccer/Football has a field with no markings beside outside bounds and a middle line.

Indoor Soccer/Football

Indoor Soccer/Football is an exciting variation of association football that features players competing indoors on a smaller field. Indoor Soccer/Football is very similar to futsal. However, unlike futsal, there are walls surrounding the court in indoor Soccer/Football, which adds a whole new element to the game. Indoor Soccer/Football is also played on turf and uses a normal Soccer/Football ball, unlike futsal. Indoor Soccer/Football is especially popular in places where outdoor Soccer/Football cannot be played year-round.

Freestyle Soccer/Football

Freestyle Soccer/Football is a unique type of Soccer/Football game that does not rely on scoring goals, but rather showcasing individual skill. Freestyle Soccer/Football features players displaying acrobatic moves, or juggling, with the hopes of impressing judges or a crowd. Many talented Soccer/Football players practice freestyle Soccer/Football to improve their skills.

re are some of the many variations of the game: