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Soccer Penalty Mark and Its location, dimension, mark

Soccer Penalty Mark

The penalty mark in soccer is the spot in the penalty area where penalty kicks are taken from. Read on to learn more about the penalty mark, including its location, dimensions, and procedure for kicks from the penalty mark.

Location and Dimensions

The penalty mark is a small dot made 11 meters (12 yards) from the goal line and an equal distance from either goal post. An arc of a circle with a radius of 9.15 meters (10 yards) from the center of each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area. This is known as the penalty arc and is the boundary for players who are not the goalkeeper or the person kicking during a penalty kick.

Kicks from the Penalty Mark

Kicks made from the penalty mark are known as penalty shots. They are either awarded to a team following a foul in the opposing penalty area or used to determine the outcome of a match in a penalty shootout. When they are used to determine the outcome of a match, the FIFA Laws of the Game outline the procedure. Those procedures are as follows:

  • Kicks from the penalty mark will not be counted in the match score.
  • The side in which the penalty kicks take place will not change, unless the goal or playing area becomes unusable.
  • Once every player has taken a penalty kick, the rotation may be changed.
  • Teams must select their order prior to penalty kicks taking place.
  • The only player allowed to be substituted in penalty kicks is the goalkeeper.
  • Players may be cautioned or sent off during penalty kicks.
  • If the goalkeeper is sent off during penalty kicks, a player that played in the match must replace them.
  • The match will not be abandoned if a team has less than seven players during penalty kicks.
  • A player getting injured during penalty kicks will not reduce the amount of kicks their team receives.