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Soccer Turnover and Its Statistics

Soccer Turnover

What is a turnover in soccer?

A turnover is any situation that results in a loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.

The most common forms of turnovers are the tackle, slide tackle, and interception because they are all techniques that typically result in a loss of possession. Certain fouls and penalties can reverse this loss of possession and switch the ball back to the original team before the foul occurred.

Turnover Statistics

The statistics that are used to measure turnovers and how they occur are as follows:

  • Interceptions: number of times that a player or team successfully takes the ball from the opposing team
  • Tackles Won Percentage: How many attempted tackles resulted in a turnover
  • Blocks: How many times a player block an opposing player from scoring on goal
  • Clearances: How many clearances a player or team makes
  • Passes Completed Percentage: number of times a player completes a pass without the ball being intercepted by a member of the opposing team