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The Miz Is Tired Of The Lack Of Respect He Gets

The Miz

The Miz is fed up with Tommaso Ciampa and the rest of the WWE Universe’s disrespect.

Following WWE RAW last night, The Miz was questioned on RAW Talk by Byron Saxton to address his attack on Tommaso Ciampa earlier in the evening. The Hollywood A-Lister is still unhappy over Ciampa “sucker punching” him the week before and believes it’s past time for people to start treating his name with respect.

“Have you confronted me? “He sucker punched me,” stated The Miz. “I had my arms outstretched. Tommaso Ciampa, my close buddy, my good friend, is back in WWE. He sucker-punches me when I give him a hug. Is that all I get in return for everything I’ve done for him? For all the chances I’ve given him? He’s upset because I didn’t call him? Oh, he didn’t call or text me, boo frickin hoo! I don’t call anyone; you do.

“We had recently returned from Cleveland, my hometown. Do you believe I contacted any of my high school friends? My long-term companions? No, they call me, not the other way around. They want to spend time with me. I’m known as the Superstar. Do we comprehend what you’re saying? Give my name some respect. I’m sick of being treated with contempt. I’ve won the Grand Slam twice. What exactly has he done? He is, without a doubt, a tremendous talent. There is no questioning his potential, but he has yet to prove it in WWE. I’m the old pro. I’ve served my time! Is there anything else? No! Because you don’t matter, and I do!”