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The Usos nominate a new Tribal Chief ahead match with Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank

The Usos

With The Bloodline set to go to war for the first time since its inception during the Thunder Dome era of pandemic wrestling in Orlando, Roman Reigns decided to address the WWE Universe one last time before Money in the Bank and extend an unlikely olive branch to his cousins The Usos, but only if they comply with his very specific requests.

“London, acknowledge me,” Roman Reigns said to the O2 arena. “It’s been a while, perhaps two years.” I’ve let The Bloodline and my relatives come out here and claim, ‘We the 1s,’ but the truth is, we ain’t the ones. I am the chosen one. I’m the sole survivor. And I know many of you are thinking, ‘Who, this guy’s a narcissist, he’s arrogant,’ but that’s not what I’m referring to. No, I am the finest, the best of all time, the ‘Head of the Table,’ the ‘Trbal Chief!’ No, what I mean is that I am the only one that is concerned about my relatives. I’m the only one who cares about The Usos; I’m the only one who has provided them with opportunity after opportunity; I’m the only one who has raised them up and allowed them to enter the promised land.”

After hearing the fans yell “Roman Sucks,” Reigns answered in kind.

“Does Roman suck? Do you know who truly stinks? Who sucks is family who betrays you. “The most important thing is that I’m the only one in this family who wants to give them another chance,” Reigns explained. “I feel like I’ve done this before, and it’s almost like I’m fathering my children; when they make a mistake, I give them another chance.” Then I give them a third and fourth chance, because that’s what a good father does. And as a good ‘Tribal Chief,’ I will not only offer my cousins a second, third, fourth, and infinite number of chances, but all you have to do is come up here, bend down, acknowledge me, apologize, and then let’s go on.”

So, that’s it, right? The Usos will simply line up at Money in the Bank, and the match will be canceled in favor of 1,000 more days of domination on the Island of Relevance? Unfortunately for Reigns, the Brothers Uso walked down to the ring and announced their intentions for The Bloodline Civil War.

The Usos nominate a new “Tribal Chief” for when Roman Reigns falls

Marching out to the ring with a fresh spring in their step, The Usos responded to Roman Reigns’ allegation by stating that they have different plans for The Bloodline’s future.

“Hey, I think Cuzo has this thing twisted.” Do you believe we attempted to rejoin The Bloodline? Let’s speak facts, Uce; we’ve gotten past the acknowledgment and the sorry. It’s all about consequences right now, Uce, and the family’s discussing, isn’t that right, Jey?” Jimmy approached Jey, who consented. “Yeah, do you ever consider the consequences of what happens if you lose?”

“What happens if you don’t find Uce?” “Hey, Uce, when was the last time you were pinned?” The Usos exchanged rapid-fire questions. “It was three years ago. When is he going to be pinned next? Tomorrow evening.

“Hey, hey, hey, Uce, we’re going to war at Money in the Bank tomorrow night, and if you lose, you’re the only one out.” Wow, Uce, and guess what, Uce, you’re not going to be Tribal Chief any longer. I’m not even interested in being Tribal Chief. Do you want to be Tribal Chief, Jimmy? Jey inquired of Jimmy, who replied, ‘H*ll no!’ “Hey, but I know someone who might be excellent for the job.

“And even though he’s tripping, I mean tripping, tripping, he got my vote, and he got my vote, too.”

As the audience screamed “Solo,” Reigns turned to face his younger relative before responding.

“Man, shut your mouth, coming out here and talking to me like that?” Do you believe it’s a game? Roman inquired as Jey leapt onto the ring apron. “Will you step up right now?” Oh, you’re a huge tough person right now, aren’t you? What are you going to do? You realize what I mean? You’ve never done anything. Without me, you’re nothing! Understand that there is nothing without me! They don’t care about you; I created everything. What are you going to do? “Get in line!”

Jey did not, as he slammed Reigns across the face before Jimmy superkicked him to the ground, and before anybody knew what was happening, the entire Fatu-Anoa’i family was brawling inside and outside the ring as Adam Pearce sought to restore order as SmackDown went off the air. Though only time will tell how their Money in the Bank match will play out, it’s clear The Usos came prepared with all of their biggest guns loaded and ready to turn one last Uce on Reigns before what could be the biggest SummerSlam match in history if Paul “Triple H” Levesque decides to pull the trigger. Buckle up, everybody.